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I was feeling a lot better today!  I even went for 45min walk this AM to stretch my legs.  Since not working out for about 4-5 days, my body feels SO tight.  It was nice to get a quick walk in.  I always try to do something active on days I’m flying.  It makes me feel so much better because I’m usually wiped out when I reach my destination and not in the mood to work out.  Also, for whatever reason, I typically end up eating an extra meal on travel days.  Does this happen to anyone else? 

So I was feeling better until I got in the car to go to the airport.  It made me a bit queezy.  The flight was really smooth except when we were landing it was bumpy and my dizzy/nausea totally came back.  Blegh!  I definitely think something is out of whack in my head and causing all of this.   


Recipe coming soon…I’m too pooped right now!!!

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These look like pancakes, but don’t be fooled.

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They are frozen Nature’s Path waffles…defrosted and turned into….

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Vegan waffle FRENCH toast!!!  Topped with: coconut butter + hemp milk mixture, defrosted frozen berries, Mama Pea’s cherry almond granola.  Whoa, the coconut butter + milk [heated + stirred] was ridiculously delicious.  SO good.  It was pretty much the same as my last vegan french toast but I just used 2 defrosted waffles.  I’m still thanking Ashley for this awesome, vegan french toast idea!!

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Tried to get a going away photo with the pups.  They weren’t cooperating.  Kenna was trying to fly off the porch and Dakota…well…she looked her typical depressed self.

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Could your head hang ANY lower???

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Is Dakota actually smiling here???

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In flight snacks were as follows:  A lot of banana chips

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2 cinnamon rice cakes FULL of:

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I ate 1/2 of my LAST Allie bar…sad!

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And 1/2 of this lemon Lara Bar.

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And iced coffee…I’m always warm when traveling!  LOve Caribou!

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Plane reading material:

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Didn’t get to this one yet…

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Did a lot of computer work on the plane…so nice to just zone out and get things done!

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My dad picked me up and we headed to Cheesecake Factory for his bday dinner with my mom, grandma and brother.  Thanks for all the bday wishes to my dad.  He appreciated it!!! 

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C.F. has a LOT of veggie options.  I think their menu is actually quite overwhelming but it was nice to have more than 2 options for someone that doesn’t eat meat.  My mom + I both got 2 “small plates.”

They have these mini pizzas called “pizettes” that are delicious.  This was my mom’s.

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Greek salad with a LOT of feta…yummmm

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Mozz + basil pizette.  YUM.  I scarfed.  Although my appetite is still lacking a bit.

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Then I came home to find a stash of goodies!!!  My mom got all of this even before reading the shopping list post :)  That jar in front is vanilla bean paste, which I am SO excited about.  My mom actually read Carly talking about it in the comment section of one of my posts, lol.  So very awesome! 

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