dessert x3

The other day I gave my mom a bite of my Scottish oats.  She’s not an oatmeal fan, but actually liked these.  So today she wanted me to make a little extra and put it in a small bowl for her.

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I made the same mix as the other day with scottish oats/almond milk/banana/egg white/cinnamon then topped with maple cinnamon almond butter sauce, granola and blueberries mixed in.

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We ate together and she was saying that she liked it….but then said she was full and that all of her toppings were gone, LOL.  I think it was just the almond butter sauce that she liked!  Too funny.

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Pictures of dessert but no recipes because I’m wiiiiiped out!!!  Soon, I promise!  Pretzels + vanilla wafers to dip in….

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A peanut butter + chocolate chip + cream cheese ball rolled in grahams.  YUM.  Whole foods 365 brand makes thee best vanilla wafters ever.

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Sugar cookie dessert pizza!

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I think this was the crowd favorite.  It was super delicious and I loved how bright + colorful it was.

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I haven’t had a sugar cookie in SO long.  YUM.

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I made AJ a double layer vanilla bean cake!  Vanilla is my favorite and AJ’s.  :)

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I made my usual frosting and then added marshmallows [a vegetarian kind from WF] + graham crackers + chocolate chips to make a S’mores frosting!!!  I don’t skimp on birthdays people!

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Birthday boy + the rest of the family!  Uncle Alan [mom’s brother], Jenna, AJ + Aunt Sherie  - I am extremely close to these lovely people and they were all a major part of Chris + my wedding.  My uncle married us, AJ was a jr. groomsmen, Jenna was the flower girl and my aunt was my matron of honor :)

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Aunt’s mom on the left – my mom’s mom on the right

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My brother making fun of me.  Per usual.  “What dessert did you hide the spinach in??”  “Are you going to take a picture of that!?”  “Did you use sugar in the cake?”  Nice, bro.

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A little bit of everything + a small slice of a Greek dessert made with farina [a grain], milk, butter + cinnamon.  SO good. 

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mom + daughter

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My cool cousins :)

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Grams + me!

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Off to bed!!!  I have a big day tomorrow….Abby Normally is coming to visit from Pittsburgh!!!  I hope I figure out something fun to do :)