fading fast

Gooood morning bloggies!  Well, good evening to me, as I sit her writing this post.  Today was a really busy and productive day. 

I’m fading….but here goes!

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Alarm: 8:15am –> whyyyyyyy? –> okay okay, get up for Boulder Farmer’s Market!! 

  1. 8:30 – Breakfast [repeat of yesterday’s scrumptious lunch]
  2. 8:50 – I should look somewhat presentable
  3. 9:05 – Out the door
  4. 9:08 – ATM
  5. 9:15 – stop by my neighborhood market to pick up fresh eggs…because I’m OBsessed!
  6. 10-ish – Arrive at the MONSTROUS sized farmer’s market in Boulder

Take this photo and multiply by 5…or more.  Hu-uuuge!

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I was meeting up with Laura + Lauren but I got to the market first.  I breezed through firs taking photos and seeing what all of the vendors had.  There was a good mix of everything.  TONS of produce!

Umm….soooo cute!

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Chris would have jumped all over these if he was in town.  He looooves soft pretzels and these looked a tad better than the freezer version ;)

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Did they think Angela was coming??  Practically every produce table had Garlic Scapes.  I have honestly never ever heard of these, until Angela mentioned them the other week and now they’re all over the place!  I obviously got a bunch and can’t wait to try them out!

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Purdy veggies.

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Soooo many furry friends at the market!

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See….I told you…there were mounds of these everywhere!

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I love fresh flowers!

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They definitely brighten up my mood when I have them in the house…anyone else?

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Okay.  Sugar snap peas.  People.  These were out of control!  It tasted like a sugary green bean with a huge SNAP!  Now, I know that sounds obvious from the name, but I’ve only ever had store-bought and these do not compare.  In any way.shape.or.form.  I think even Jessica would like them…that is how sweet they are!

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It boggles my mind that bright colors like purple, pink, red and yellow grown from the ground. 

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The cutest little berries you’ve ever seen.  I’m sure they were super sweet + delicious but they looked a little beat up and were pricey.  I’ve been getting some really tastey California organic at WF that have been on sale.

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After the market, we were HOT + thirsty + I think everyone was a little sleepy.  Or maybe just me?

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Lauraaaa!!  This wonderful lady is leaving for 2 weeks tomorrow to go on a road trip with her huz + their VW bus.  They are seriously going ALL over.  Everywhere from the Grand Canyon, to LA, to San Fran, to Yellowstone + more!  Jealous.

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Me + my bounty of goods + a dumb expression.

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Lauren + me + my dorky matching outfit….so.not.planned.

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After the market + coffee, I came home and got busy. 

  • laundry
  • cleaned
  • swept our disgusting porch
  • brushed the doggies
  • ran a few errands
  • walked the dogs
  • ate dinner
  • did some computer work
  • lifted – triceps + shoulders
  • abs
  • foam rolled ~10min
  • Polly’s Yoga For Runners – I held the poses a little longer, so I probably did 15+min, instead of just 10
  • worked on a blog header for another blogger
  • edited photos + blogged

and…….I’m out!

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<3 Ashley