swimmin’ in butters

I’m addicted to making nut-butter sauce, thanks to Kath.  Today, I tried something new.

1T pb + 1t cocoa powder + 1T almond milk –> heat 15sec –> stir –> pour on top of oats

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Peanut butter chocolate pudding-esque deliciousness with a glob of coconut butter on top.

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I never knew how delicious currants were until last week when I used them in the Chickpea salad from Clean Food.  I like them a lot more than raisins!  However, I don’t really like hot dried fruit…something about the texture.  So, I’m not sure why I put these on my oats. 

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But I gobbled them up anyway :)  Super creamy cinnamon chia scottish oats! Yum!

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Organic cantaloupe.  Finally, I found you + on sale! 

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First time trying these.  There are 3 thin + crispy bars in the package with a FABulous ingredient list and nutritional info.  It tastes like quinoa/sesame brittle.  It’s sweet + savory + pretty delicious.

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My food processor had a long day.  Coconut butter

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I’ve been out of my maple cinnamon almond butter for about a week.  That needs to change! 

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I may have eaten a lot of these.

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Another part of lunch: whole wheat tortilla + easy homemade pizza sauce + a little mozz

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Can I swim in this?  Plain + simple peanut butter. 

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Coconut butter + pnut butter + cocoa powder + salt + brown rice syrup = Amazingness, that will soon be on it’s way to my giveaway winners :)

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This was my best batch of cocoa-coco-pnat butter yet!  You really have to taste as you go to get it juuuuust riiiiiight.

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Quite a bit of leftover peanut butter.  Whatever will I do with it??

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Maple roasted almonds that will be butterized tomorrow.  My food processor needed a break.  I think she also needs a name.  Hmmm…

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A blog reader, Casey, recently contacted me about wanting to meet!  Fun!  She’s traveling to Australia this summer [jealous!!!], for school, and wanted to meet up before heading out of town.   We met up at Wash Perk and walked a few blocks to Wash Park for a chatty 3 miles.  It’s always fun meeting new people with very similar interests, especially while walking around in gorgeous weather :)

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Craving fruit after the walk!!  I also did an upper body workout + crunches when I got home.  I’m hoping to possibly get back on my bike tomorrow.  I’ll take it slow to make sure the quad is feeling okay.  I’m pretty sure it will work the muscle in a different way that will actually help it strengthen.  We’ll see!  If not, I’ll probably be back at the pool.

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Casey was so so sweet and brought me three chocolate bars.  :)  This is a local brand and one of my favorites.  Can’t wait to dig in! 

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You need to buy the Clean Food cookbook.  The summer section is amazing!!  These ingredients were for a summery guacamole.  I changed a few things around but would never have thought to come up with amazing creation on my own.


  • jicama
  • tomatillos
  • avocado
  • lime
  • strawberries
  • red onion
  • olive oil/salt/pepper/cayenne/garlic powder

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It was absolutely delicious, although looks a bit strange.

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I brought it over to Ann + Chris’s house as an appetizer [with blue corn tortilla chips] for the dinner they were making us.  It was nice to not have to think about what to make for dinner!!

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Everything was grilled.  Tons of veg.  Ann knows the way to my heart!!

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Also, grilled fruit.  So simple, so delicious.  She drizzled honey on the fruit, which was the perfect touch!

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The fabulous Ann.  A few glasses of wine were consumed.  It was a perfect relaxing night, enjoyed outside on their patio.  

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There may have been a grill temperature discussion ;)

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Everything was perrrrrrfect.

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Even the ciabatta was grilled.  This veggie lover was a happy camper. 

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Running for my bed….gooooooooooodnight!

<3 Ashley