he’s baaaa-aaaaaaack

The huz is home! 

I was super busy today preparing for his arrival.  Recipes will be coming soon!

Plated Scottish oats.

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I smell garlic scapes…mmmm

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Some sort of sauce…

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Some sort of dough…

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Hunka hunka dough.

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Something deliciously vegan…

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SO so so glad he’s back!  I’ve watched this little picture video numerous times in the past 3 weeks, so I didn’t forget what he looks like :)  The lovely Laura + Travis took some fun winter shots of us in December.  I think the photos definitely capture our personality, relationship and crazzzy dogs! 



Busy body:

  • 16m bike ride
  • 100yd barefoot run
  • 8min abs – from yoga download – it was killerrr
  • 10min Polly’s yoga for runners

Be back soon!!