8-sided tastiness

I missed going to the Boulder famer’s market this week.  I did stop by the small, local market, Denver Urban Homesteading [D.U.H].  This market was great in the winter, because it was the only market open all winter long.  I was so excited to have a market so close by.  However, I’ve been really disappointed with what they have to offer lately.  The prices are also very higher than normal market prices.  I’m all for supporting local, organic, and the farmers but thinking back to the market last year [that I worked at selling my granola bars] or the one in Boulder, it doesn’t even come close in comparison. 

Ranting?  Maybe.  Two weeks in a row, Boulder has spoiled me!  I still go to DUH every week to buy my eggs.  They are amazing.  If I needed good quality cheese, that’s where I would go too…but local produce?  I’m still looking!  How are the markets in your area? 

I did however, find a few gems.

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Heirloom tomatoes at $6/lb.  I bought 1/2lb and am savoring them.  Good thing Chris does not like tomatoes.

This was possibly the most delicious tomato I’ve ever eaten.  I topped it with a little olive oil, s+p.  I could have eaten at least 5. 

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birthday money + food blogger + time on your hands = trip to crate + barrel – You will be seeing the goods as I use them!  Lot’s of white + clear…my favorite!

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Recently, I was contacted by Patricia Schneider Associates, who works with a company called Octavin.  They asked if they could send me samples of their wine to review on the blog.  Um, YES please!!  However, this isn’t your typical wine. 

For one thing, it’s boxed. 

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Second.  The box is shaped like an octagon [hence the company name, Octavin].

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Third.  This one lovely box contains FOUR 750ml bottles of wine. 

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Fourth.  It has an easy to use twisting spout.  So what makes this different from other boxed wines?  Definitely check out Octavin’s website for more information.  Their FAQ is really helpful.  However, here are a few important points:

  1. This specific box design prevents oxidation after opening.  It will last for up to 6 weeks after opening!!
  2. The packaging is minimal + cheap, in comparison to glass bottled wine.  The cost of 1 box [which again, is 4 full bottles] would be similar to the cost of just 1 bottle of the same wine.
  3. They have teamed up with different wineries to offer 6 different wines.
  4. Packaging waste is reduced by 85% in comparison to packaging 4 bottles of wine.
  5. Carbon emissions are decreased by 55%

And so far…the wine tastes great!!  I extremely enjoyed this first wine, Seven – Red wine of Spain, which is a blend of a few different Spanish reds.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.  We had a few friends over and everything enjoyed it.  It was full of earthy flavor and had a nice heavy but smooth feel to it.  Loved this! 

The other wine is Silver Birch, Sauvignon Blanc.  We have yet to break into this one.  I’ll let you know when we do.  I’m really excited about this new packaging and it’s environmentally friendly qualities.  There are many online stores where you can buy this wine, but you’ll have to check with your local wine stores to find out if they carry it yet!

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All in all, I had a pretty lazy Saturday…and it was wonderful!  I did prep this giant zucchini for tomorrow though :)

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Wonder what I’m going to make?  It went into the food processor after this!

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See!  I told you…lazy Saturday!

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But so delicious.  A huge veggie bowl with brown rice, peppers/onions, black beans, lettuce, 2 different salsas and their awesome guac.  YUM!

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No big plans tomorrow.  Hope to get in a good workout, hang outside, and cross things off the to-do list! 

All for now…