MIA oats

Another breakfast buffet morning.  oh.so.tasty.

Start off with: a little cereal + banana + vanilla hemp milk

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With a side of blueberries, strawberries + a vegan zucchini bread muffin

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awesome flavors. awesome textures.

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The muffin was slathered with fresh ground Almond Butter.  Sometimes I’m a sucker for the fresh ground that you get in the bulk aisle at WF.  The slightly crunchy/gritty texture throughout is just so delicious.

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Can’t wait til tomorrow morning!  This breakfast kept me full as long or longer than my typical bowl of oats. 

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I checked out the Cherry Creek Farmers Market this week, after hearing that it got more local produce.  And it did!!  There were about 3 local farms, 2 of which were all organic and the prices were great!

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Love taking shots like these, where all you see is the FOOD.

I had my FIRST ever fresh apricot the other day.  It was delicious and not at all what I was expecting.  I had only ever had dried apricots.  It was juicy and slightly fuzzy, but less than a peach.  Loved it and I bought more today.

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Local CO peaches!  I tried one at the market, fresh out of the box.  It was the first CO peach I’ve had, and I’ve got to say, it was amazing.  The juice ran down my face and it was EXtremely sweet + flavorful.  They are a bit smaller than SC/GA peaches but can definitely give them a run for their money.

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LOVE these.  Want one in adult size!

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I picked up 6 of these and am going to attempt making pickles.  Ohhh yah.  I would really like to get into canning.  Although, adding another thing to my to-do list, is just not happening right now. 

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Summer Wrap

  • whole wheat tortilla
  • 2T nut butter [I used AB]
  • 1 sliced nectarine, peach, apricot
  • jelly
  • few spoonfuls of plain yogurt [I used wallaby – plain lowfat]
  • banana

Uhhh…yah, this was good.

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3min later….

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After the market + before that freaking delicious wrap I went on a 3 mile walk around the park.  I actually ran part of it too!  Excitement!  Not in my bare feet, but in the Vibrams.  I probably ran a total of 1 mile and walked 2.  It felt GREAT.  I kept my body aligned, my feet under my center of gravity, and very quick light steps, barely coming off the ground.  I didn’t feel any pain at all but will still be taking it very slow and won’t try this again for a few days.  I really think all of my barefoot + Vibram walking has made my feet SO much stronger.  Yay!

Blog UPdates:

  • recipes are updated and about half are marked vegan/vegetarian/gf
  • I made a separate blogroll page.  It used to be under “things I dig”
  • I changed the “Vibram 5 Finger” page to “Barefoot Running” and updated all the pages below that tab

All for now…still more to do!