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Quickie for you!!  Big day tomorrow…or shall I say early day tomorrow.  I am getting up bright + early to take E + K to the airport at 4am.  Eek!  And, tomorrow is Chris’s first day.  Exciting stuff!

Breakfast was simple but completely delicious.

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We used Bob’s Red Mill buttermilk pancake mix for breakfast.  They were fluffy and smooth. Yum.


  • pancake 1 – blueberries
  • pancake 2 – walnuts
  • mini pancakes 3 + 4 – bananas

The bananas caramelized and were awesome.

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I also topped it with a little cocoa-coco pnat butter mixed with a drizzle of maple syrup and a little coconut milk.  I heated it up and drizzled on top.  DEElicious.

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We packed a ton of food today and went off an on all day adventure!!  It was so so much fun.

  • 1.5hrs bouldering at the rock gym
  • drove to Estes Park
  • drove to Nederland
  • drove to Boulder for an early dinner
  • drove to Sugarloaf Mountain

Driving through the mountains was gorgeous.  Estes Park was packed with tourists, so we basically just drove through.  Nederland is an awesome mountain town with a lot of shops + a few restaurants but all of their power was out today!  It was a bust.  Apparently a truck knocked out the power lines.  We looked around but then headed to Boulder for some grub.

Sugarloaf Mountain was where Chris took me for a hike + dinner on my birthday.  It was just as lovely this time but not quite as clear.

The kids played :)

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engagement photo

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Goodnight!!  Time to play catch up the next few days!!