kickin’ along

If you follow me on twitter, you have an idea of what has been going on and why I haven’t been here in a day or so.  In short, the “curveball” I mentioned the other day, has to do with Chris’s health.  He has been having some issues since last Friday, which we thought were somewhat minor [possible kidney stones].  We went to urgent care on Friday and then checked back in with our local doc on Monday.

They ran some other tests, which turned out okay, but something was still wrong.  We went back in Tuesday but with the doc’s advisement decided to head to the ER to hope to get answers a little more quickly.

We arrived at the hospital, Tuesday afternoon and have been here since.  We have not gotten to the bottom of things yet, but know that it is still kidney related, and serious but not kidney stones.  There have been many doc visits, tons of tests, little sleep, and a lot of stress.  Chris is doing well, besides this one test reading that is very off.  We are hoping to know more soon, but am sure we’ll be at the hospital for a few more days.

We have received so many thoughts/prayers/vibes/well wishes/etc on twitter and in emails and we TRULY appreciate it.  You don’t know how much it has helped, especially me.  It’s nice having the internet and my computer at the hospital and getting to read all of your positive messages.  I keep passing them along to Chris as well.

This also means I am not attending the Healthy Living Summit in Chicago.  This is all surreal and feels like a bad dream.  I already had a full packing list written and started laying things out on our spare bed.  Such crazy timing.  Chris just got a job, we’re trying to find a new place to live in a different city, and I was supposed to be out of town.  There is never good timing for medical problems though!

I was able to get a full credit for my flight to use within the next year.  Frontier Airlines rocks.  There was no way I could go to Chicago, not knowing what was going on with Chris.  I’ve been spending each night with Chris and the dogs are in good care with Chris’s brother + wife. 

I’ve gone home each day to take a shower and stop at Whole Foods to pick up some grub.  When I went home today, I felt like I needed to go for a short walk to stretch my legs, clear my head, and get some fresh air.


I also was anxious to try out the new Vibram Sprints!!  The previous pair I had were also the Sprint model. I love them so much.  My feet hate regular running shoes now.  I haven’t worn regular shoes in months. 


These felt great and I love the new color :)


I just took a few quick photos with the point n’ shoot to show you guys.


I actually wore holes in my old Vibram Five Fingers.  I’ve had these since November, so really that is not too bad.  They are cheaper than typical running shoes [$80] and I put a lot of mileage on them.  I talked to a few people that have been wearing Vibrams for awhile now and they have never had a problem with them wearing through.

There could be something wrong with my stride, that caused the holes.  I usually use them for walking and a lot of times I’m on rough concrete.  There is more contact and pushing off walking with these than running.  With running it’s more of a pop-up motion and less pushing off. 


I still wore them for 2-3 weeks with the big hole :)  The new shoes feel much thicker than my worn down pair.



The walk was nice.  Very refreshing.  I’m back at the hospital now and about to take Chris on in a Yahtzee rematch.  We’re tied 1:1 :)

I will have a very exciting guest post for you late tonight/tomorrow morning.  So watch out for that!! 

We’re hanging in there and just trying to focus on all of the positives.  I know we’ll get through this!

Thank you all.

<3 Ashley