come shop with me

Confession:  I don’t like the mall. 

Too many people.

Too many stores.

Too many smells. 

Um, hello Abercrombie + Fitch, I am talking to you.  I smelled you upon ENTERing the mall and could smell you far past your store. 

The mall however, is much better with friends.  So I thought I would bring you along :)

I was trying to find a new dress for the Healthy Living Summit next week.  I have a few realllly casual summer dresses and then a few that are too dressy for cocktails, etc.  I have some b-day money leftover, so to the mall I went.  Well, I first tried a few local clothing stores, like Starlet [in Denver] but I couldn’t find anything.

I went to Anthropologie.  I’ve actually never really shopped there…probably because I’m scared…for my wallet.

I put blinders on and headed straight for the sale racks.  Whoa.  A lot of racks!  There were a LOT of dresses on sale.  I just started grabbing anything in my size.  I figured, I would just dive in, even if it wasn’t a style/color I would typically go for.  You never know!

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Oh yeah – ignore my hat head/pony tail hair/un-showered self :)  I go to the mall in style.

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I would nevvvvver normally go for a print like this, but it fit well and I really liked the neckline.  It’s hard to tell but the front is pleated and kind of wraps at the bottom. 

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You can’t tell in this photo, but WOW is this dress bright.  The straps needed to be tightened, but this fit really well.  I loved the color. 

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And pockets.  Um, hello, I looooove pockets. 

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Send me to jail?  I liked the pop of green, but yikes…lot’s of stripes!  This looked much brighter in-store.

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I wonder which one I picked?

And then I found this on sale at Urban Outfitters.  It is comfortable and fun.  I bought it but it might be going back.  Not sure. 

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Another confession:  I’m terrible at accessorizing.  I don’t have fancy bracelets or necklaces OR earrings.  I always love when other people wear fun jewelry but for some reason, I’m super indecisive about accessories.

I went to Nordstrom…the junior’s dept.  The only department I can afford.  Yes, I’m 27!  I basically screamed “HAAAALP ME!”  I showed the girl that was working what I got and she helped me out.  It was fabulous.  I didn’t get much but she reassured me what I picked out would work.  Score!

Last confession:  I LOVE hip hop dancing + break dancing.  I even took a hip hop dance class back at Ohio State.  I do not have mad dance skills, but I’m impressed with anyone who does!

And now I go to bed!  What?  Where’s the food?  It’s in my belly :)


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