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My oats look a little drab today, but don’t be fooled, they were mighty tasty.

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I unpacked a box this morning, only to find my beloved Scottish Oats. 


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I had about 2T of pumpkin puree leftover, so that went in the mix.  That is also why they look slightly brownish/orange.

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Creamy Walnut Oats

  • 1/3c Scottish Oats
  • 1 1/4c water
  • 1/4c milk
  • 1/2 banana
  • vanilla
  • 1/2t cinnamon
  • 2T pumpkin puree

Topped with

  • walnuts
  • walnut butter
  • coconut butter

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I thought of something the other day, when a reader said they found Steel Cut Oats but not Scottish.

Scottish Oats = more finely ground steel cut oats [for more information on the difference between oats check this post]

If you can’t find Scottish Oats –> Grind steel cut pats in a blender or food processor until slightly powdery.  You still want some of the crunchy pieces, so just pulse it around a few times. This will also save you money.  Steel cut oats can be found in bulk bins and are quite a bit cheaper than Scottish.  However, I haven’t actually tried this yet, [hehe] but I’m sure it will work!

Scottish Oats are quicker to cook [about 10min, instead of 20] and they are insanely creamy!!  Also, yesterday, Kath ground some of her rolled oats before cooking to create a creamier bowl as well.  Yum :)

I’m not sure if I tell you all enough, how much I love you. I LOVE MY READERS!!!!!!!!!  You are all full of creative, tasty, fun ideas, and I love when you share them with me.  Thank you so much for all of the apple recipe ideas yesterday.  I can’t wait to start cooking!  The kitchen is about 90% done.  I will be back in full force soon!

So far, I have eaten 2 out of about 50 apples.  Today, the 2 apples went on my salad, after a reader gave me the idea for an apple + carrot salad. 

Brilliant!!  The apples turned brown quickly but they still tasted fabulous.  This salad was begging for walnuts + figs, so I added those both as well.  It got dressed up with olive oil + apple cider vinegar + balsamic vinegar.  I ate this alongside a mound of chocolate banana avocado pudding […which Chris does not like, gasp!! Oh well, more for me!] + a leftover stuffed pepper. 

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I got in a good workout today and am definitely back on track.  I typically have a handful of times throughout the year, where for 1-2 weeks, I don’t workout much.  It’s either because of traveling, being sick, moving, etc.  There is usually a reason behind it though.  I never just decide “I’m not going to work out for the next 2 weeks.”  When these instances pop up, I try to go with the flow.  I don’t freak out, because I know my regular schedule will resume and it’s good to get a break once in awhile.

Today, I located the nearest pool, hopped on my bike and got to swimming.  I haven’t been in the pool for about 2 weeks, and I could tell!  Instead of counting laps, or doing interval work, I just swam for 40min straight at a comfortable pace.  It felt great and so did the 3 mile bike ride there + back. 

I had another fabulous mail time today :)  Did anyone ever watch Blue’s Clues?  I know I’m a bit old for it, but my cousin AJ [who I used to babysit all the time] used to love the show…so I had an excuse!  Anyway, if you used to watch that show they sang a really cute “mail time” song during every episode.  I can’t help but think of that when I get fun packages.


Ashley sent me the a box packed full of delicious goodies.

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A Vibram five fingers box, nonetheless. ;)

First, her vegan chocolate chip shortbread.  mmm mmm mmmm

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Barley tea!  I have never had this and have no clue what to expect.  Anyone ever try this?

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A pinch bowl!!!!  I have always wanted one of these. :)

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I already used it twice!

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Cinnamon dried apples.  Yummmm

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And her secret, homemade, cocoa chai!!  [Ashley’s basic chai recipe]

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This was just so delicious after a long day of unpacking the house!

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I got another package today too!!  It was my lucky day!!

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The ever so sweet Maddy + Alex, of Love Grown Foods, restocked my pantry with granola!!  They sent me all 3 original flavors, plus the new “cocoa goodness” and “simply oats.”  Can you guess which of the 5 I broke into first?

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This was a no brainer.

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A huge thank you to Maddy + Alex!!  The Cocoa Goodness was exactly that.  It had a huge crunch, [without being so hard it hurts your teeth], and a lovely cocoa flavor that was not overwhelming.  My favorite part about their granola, is that it’s not too sweet!  Each quarter cup serving has only 6g sugar.

All of their granola is now certified gluten free as well!  They are using gluten free oats.  I know I talk about their product frequently, but I can’t help it.  Their new website + packaging look fabulous and the new flavors are perfection.  I’m so excited to see where their company goes next!  Thanks again M + A!!

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I made a simple dinner tonight, which consisted of short grain brown rice + my go-to curry sauce, with a huge salad on the side.  Chris loves this curry sauce, as do I.  After dinner I heard a lot of “nom nom nom nom” coming from the huz.  That will always make the cook smile!!

Off to recharge and dream of apples!