snowy weekend

Just a quick, point n’ shoot weekend update, before moving on to the start of my detox.  I was overwhelmed + excited by all of your interest.  I will definitely be filling you in on my eats as much as possible.  Many more details coming soon!

Since eating my first green wrapped breakfast the other day, I was already craving it again.  This was breakfast #1 with 1 HUGE chard leaf + 1 banana + pnut butter + walnuts.  I love the contrast of crunch and cream!

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We left Saturday morning, but had to make a stop along the way.

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Morning coffee, which I’ll be giving up this week!  I did get some fair trade, organic decaf though, because I just love the warm comfort of coffee in the AM.

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Breakfast #2 was a sourdough English muffin + 1 scrambled egg + 1 raw chard leaf folded up  + Dr. Praeger’s spinach patty.  Oh this was delicious!!!  I love the Dr. P’s spinach patties and they have an impressively small ingredient list.  As soon as I eat the last one, I definitely want to recreate them at home.

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Chris had to do a few things on a job site, which was the quick detour we had to make.

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But soon enough we were here!

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I love how you can see another resort across the way. 

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The clouds rolled in, as expected.

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After snowboarding, we went out for a quick bite and then met up with a dozen of our friends, at a concert in Breckenridge.  We saw, Head for the Hills, a local blue grass band which was awesome.  The venue was very small, which I like, except for the sweaty stench because the room was so packed. :)

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We made it back to the condo, got a quick 4hr sleep, and then headed out for a little Sunday powder action. 

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The sun was nowhere to be seen and the light was really flat, which makes it extremely hard to see bumps + dips in the snow.  People were wiping out everywhere!

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Fun day with the huz!

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We headed back to Ft. Collins, with my head bobbing the whole way home, per usual. 

I’ve been thinking about my eats for this week, all day long.  I don’t have too much planned, but am so excited to get started!

For now?