feel good foods + a winner

Still feeling like crapola, but managing to get a few things done on the computer.  I thought I would photograph some of my favorite comforting foods, I eat when I’m sick!  A few are newer additions, but some will always remain the same.

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  • hot tea
    • had peach ginger loose leaf tea this AM
  • toast + jam
    • Kept with the detox and found Millet bread from the company Food For Life.  It’s also soy + dairy free, and quite delicious.  GF bread is very dense and the slices are smaller.  It’s different, but in a delicious way.
  • eggs + toast
    • always!!!!
  • oranges
    • gotta get in the vitamin C!
  • Kombucha
    • Ginger helps settle my stomach and these truly perk me up a bit when I’m feeling under the weather.  Packed full of nutrients + good bacteria as well.  Trilogy is my favorite flavor.
  • Lemons
    • I haven’t had any lemon water yet today, but plan to try since it’s a great immune booster!
  • Bananas
    • just love ‘em

What are some of your favorite feel good foods??


Winner of the giveaway was Jenna, who said, “I’m proud of my new outlook in 2001!”  Congrats!!  I’ll be emailing you shortly! 

I was blown away by what you guys are proud of yourselves for, so far in 2011.  Your comments were extremely inspirational and motivating.  I read each + every one of them and tried to comment as much as possible.  You all have a LOT to be proud of. 

Congrats + keep it up!!!

<3 Ashley