saturday stuff

Today is my brother’s 32nd birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!!  We’re celebrating with the family later today, and I will be making a brand new dessert recipe, that I am anxious to try.  Will definitely keep you posted!

Josh is newly vegetarian, very health conscious, and lives quite a ways away from Trader Joes.  So I thought I would stock him up a bit on some TJ’s goodies.  [Josh…cover your eyes!]

photo 1

  • trail mix
  • sun butter
  • lara bar + clif bar
  • multigrain pita crackers
  • oriental rice crackers
  • sprouted rye bread
  • unsweetened blueberry pomegranate green tea
  • organic lentil soup + organic black bean soup


I also stocked up on things to take home.

I LOVE this shampoo + conditioner and it only costs $2.99!!  The ingredient list is great and the shampoo lathers very well.  The price label at TJ’s says this compares to a line from Aveda.  Fancy schmancy.

photo 2

  • organic fair trade dark chocolate
  • organic cashews [cheapest I’ve found]
  • peanut butter trail mix
  • chocolate chips [so cheap!]

photo 3

Two of our favorite salsas.

photo 4

  • 2lb container of fair trade organic coffee $14.99!
  • hemp protein powder [I love hemp products – extremely nutritious + very earth friendly]
  • almond butter with flax [have been meaning to try this for awhile]

photo 5

  • pita crackers for Chris
  • rice crackers for me [wheat free tamari is used as the soy sauce]

photo (3)

I had a fun coffee date with Katie, from Healthy Heddleston this morning.  She also came with me to TJ’s, which was so much fun.  Shopping buddies are the best!  I’m currently hanging out at home, waiting for Abby to come by for a visit.  Then I’ll be taking my cousin Jenna for a manicure, and then b-day celebrations with the fam.  This trip is going way too quickly!

More on that dessert, soon!