Cocoa Goodness Cookie Dough Balls

I know we talked about this.

I was planning on sharing dinner recipes, not cookies.

But I also told you, that I haven’t had my fair share of cookies this past year.  So I have some making up to do.  Not only are these gluten free, but they’re a no-bake recipe.  They’re also the most indulgent treat I’ve posted in a long, long time.  They’re also filled with LOVE. 

The LOVE of Love Grown Foods that is.

I filled the cookies with Cocoa Goodness, because it seemed like the best match.  Cocoa granola in chocolate chip cookie dough? 

Oh yes. 

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This cookie seems to always be around at Christmas parties.  It’s just one of those classics.  This recipe takes raw cookie dough, and makes it acceptably edible, because there are no eggs.

That also makes these dangerous.  Very, very dangerous.

Did you know you can make your own brown sugar??  I haven’t bought brown sugar in an extremely long time.  The first recipe to pop up on how to make your own brown sugar, was from Joy the Baker.  It basically calls for mixing in 1T molasses for every 1c of sugar.  However, I would say that is considered “dark” brown sugar.  If you want a lighter brown sugar, just cut back on the molasses.



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And don’t forget, you can also make your own powdered sugar at home too! 

To make powdered sugar:

  1. Blend 1c sucanat or pure cane sugar in a blender, with 1T starch.  I recommend using arrowroot starch.  The starch prevents the powdered sugar from caking.

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Delicious raw cookie dough.

Filled with chocolate chips + cocoa granola.

Covered in chocolate.

Topped with granola.

Just waiting to my chomped up.

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In lieu of dipping these in chocolate, you can always give the granola a course chop, and roll them in that instead.

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I used almond meal + sweet rice flour, instead of all purpose flour in this recipe.  I think using all oat flour would have worked as well, or a mix of sweet rice flour + oat flour.  I wouldn’t suggest brown rice flour, as it may leave a gritty texture.

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Cookie dohhhhh.

It’s bee way too long.

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Cocoa Goodness Cookie Dough Balls [adapted from frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls]

*edited amount of butter from 2c to 1c – error when typing the recipe

  • 1/2c powdered sugar
  • 1/2c pure cane sugar
  • 3/4c brown sugar
  • 1c butter, softened
  • 3/4t salt
  • 1T vanilla extract
  • 1c sweet rice flour
  • 1c almond meal
  • 1T water
  • 1.5c LGF Cocoa Goodness, coarsely chopped
  • 1/2c chocolate chips
  • 4c semisweet chocolate
  • 2T coconut oil
  • 1/3-1/2c Cocoa Goodness granola for topping
  1. With a hand blender or stand mixer, cream the brown sugar, pure cane sugar, and butter until fluffy and smooth. *Make sure to fully cream, so the sugar does not leave a gritty texture.
  2. Mix in the powdered sugar, on a low setting, until combined.
  3. Mix in the salt, vanilla, sweet rice flour, almond meal, water, cocoa goodness granola and chocolate chips until well combined.  
  4. Roll into tablespoon sized balls and place on a parchment lined pan to freeze for about 20min.
  5. In a double boiler, or in 30 second increments in the microwave [stirring in between each 30sec], melt the chocolate and coconut oil together until smooth.
  6. Dip the cookie dough balls in the chocolate, one at a time, and let the excess chocolate drip off.
  7. Place on the parchment lined pan and top with a sprinkle of granola, then place in the freezer to set.
  8. Store in a sealed container in the freezer.

tips/substitutions: If you have a nut allergy, sub oat flour for the almond meal.  Feel free to leave the granola out and add 1/2c extra chocolate chips or any other mix in you please.  Use your favorite granola of choice for this recipe.  If you don’t have coconut oil, sub sunflower/safflower/canola instead.  Instead of the chocolate coating, you can also roll the balls in chopped granola, right after rolling into balls [skip the 20min in the freezer].  Then let set in the freezer.

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Dinners are coming.

I promise!