in the past few weeks

I started working on Christmas presents a few weeks ago and am finally wrapping things up.  Literally!

It’s been a really long time since I’ve busted out the box of painting supplies.  Always a good time, even though my painting skills are sub par!  Gotta’ love the set of brushes that cost $6.99 for about 24!

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I painted a few gifts for the teenage cousins in my family.  There are 2 more I haven’t post photos of yet because their names are on them, and I’m not sure if they check the blog.

For someone who loves art.

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For someone that loves motivational quotes + is extremely determined to succeed.

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The wrapping of the presents, may have been my favorite part.  I used brown paper bags for everything and barely had to use tape!  It’s extremely hard to even get tape to stick to this paper, so I used ribbon instead.  Yes, some of it’s blue…oh well!!

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To succeed at not using tape, wrap the gift in a larger than necessary piece of brown paper bag, so you can hold it tight with just a ribbon.  Worked like a charm, and now the trash can go straight to recycling!

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My favorite wrap jobs were of the paintings.

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  • brown paper bags for the wrapping and tags
  • burlap [I used this for architecture models waaay back in the day and have had it for years!]
  • baby clothes pin [leftover from my sis in laws baby shower]

Kind of excited about these. 

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And kind of excited about this.

You’ll see more of it later today.  Be on the lookout! 

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It’s another crock pot meal…TOO easy!


p.s. highlight of Tuesday night…lighting the menorah while face-timing with the parents :)

Happy Hanukkah!

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