winner + giveaway #2!

Helllooooooo!!  Welcome to blog-fan appreciation week.  Here is winner #1 and the next giveaway!

Congrats to Kelly!  You are the lucky Larabar winner!


Thanks to the nearly EIGHT HUNDRED of you that participated!  This was such a fun + quick giveaway.  I can’t wait to get started with the rest.

I have to say that February is a very happening month!  I read through ALL of the comments and was blown away by the exciting things going on in your lives.  Happy Birthday to all of the February birthdays!  A lot of you were excited for Valentine’s Day and being reunited with a long-distance loved one.  TONS of you are traveling [jealous] to some seriously amazing places!  Have fun!

Are you ready for giveaway #2???

I’m giving away another free print from my Etsy store!!

To enter:  Leave a comment with the print you would choose if you win!

eat your veggies

banana sandwich

Start time: NOW

End time: Wednesday, 5pm EST

Another winner + another giveaway announced tomorrow!

Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!

<3 Ashley