confession: hoarding

I’m pretty good at getting rid of things I don’t use.  You get really good at purging, when you move 3 times in the past year + a half…about to be FOUR.  I’ve learned to part with old birthday cards, sift through clothes every 6 months, get rid of shot glass collections, vacation knick knacks, etc.  Through learning how to purge more efficiently, I’ve also learned how to be a better shopper.  For instance, buying something that might cost more, but that I know will last much longer.  Or just simply not buying something, because, do I really need it?  Usually, no.  I’ve been trying to get better about reusing too.

However, reusing things can turn into a problem.

A habit.

An obsession of all shapes + sizes.

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Glass jars.  I LOVE THEM. 

Why oh why would you throw them away?  I have a hard time parting with any glass jar, if it has a good lid + can be cleaned thoroughly. 

I try not to keep every single one, but they really are useful. 

Here’s how:

  • nut butter storage…enough said!
  • spices
  • fresh ground flours, like buckwheat!
  • pumpkin butter/pear butter
  • nut butters…did I already say that?
  • sauces
  • oats in a jar – homemade style
  • nuts
  • dried fruit
  • pickles!!
  • gifting nut butters to friends
  • the list goes on

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Chris either doesn’t notice the collection of glass jars I have, or doesn’t care.

Good thing, because these glass jars aren’t going anywhere.

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And for a little teaser…

I’m going to tell you that I just made one of my top FIVE favorite recipes of all time.  It wasn’t breakfast, lunch or dinner, but a snack.  And it was THAT good.

It has to do with popcorn…and you can blame the lifeguard at the pool!

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More details soon!

<3 Ashley