vlog – how I talk 2.0

Hey guys!!  Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend so far.  Right now I am probably freezing my butt off, carving through deep fluffy snow!  Spring is right around the corner, but once you get into the mountains, you can ski all the way through April!

I compiled a 2nd list for the “how I talk” video post.  These are a bunch of commonly mispronounced words.  How do you say them?  I looked up how you’re actually supposed to say these words, and I was wrong on a lot of them.  Oops!!

List 2.0

  • February – the “r” is really there, but I don’t say it
  • often – you’re actually not supposed to say the “t” but I do!
  • almond
  • roof
  • candidate – not “canidate”
  • jewelry – not “jewlery”
  • library – not “libary”
  • clothes
  • drown
  • espresso – not “expresso”
  • pasta
  • miniature – not “miniture”
  • nuclear – not “nucular”
  • probably – not “probly”
  • triathlon – not “triathalon”

Off to bed!

<3 ash