missing my fav’s

We had a surprise visit from some of our favorite people ever today!  Will + Deb, our good friends from Charlotte are in town.  We didn’t know when or if we’d get to see them, but this morning they called us and were on their way up to Ft. Collins!

It’s been a year [too long] since we’ve seen them, so it was great to catch up.

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Chris + Will used to work together and that’s how I met his lovely wife Deb.  We have a lot in common, like our love for design.  Deb is an outstanding interior designer.  I consulted with her about the design decisions for our new kitchen.  We should know soon if it’s really going to be ours or not and then we can really get started.

We had a fabulous day hanging out.  I showed Deb all around downtown Ft. Collins and the boys hit up Equinox Brewery, along with Will’s sister.  We left behind a lot of great friends in North Carolina, that I miss dearly!!






{love + miss you all}