stir fried in 10

Even though I work from home, that doesn’t mean I always have gobs of time to spend making breakfast and lunch.  My breakfast + lunches are usually pretty quick!  Even my oven breakfast bake takes only 5min of prep time.  While I’m waiting for it to bake in the oven, I get dressed, drink lemon water [aaaack], check email, etc.

This little meal is perfect for lunch or dinner and is extremely adaptable.  I mean, it’s barely even a recipe.  It’s just one way to show you that you can make a home cooked meal in no time at all.

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I really spend very little time plating these meals before snapping a few photos.  Typically, it takes me 30sec-1min to plate my food for photos.  Once in awhile it’s longer, but if over-think things, I usually end up not liking the photos.  Photographing my food varies in time.  I would say this lunch dish took 2 minutes to attach my camera to the tripod, snap about 6 photos, detach my camera and chow down at the table.  Same goes for breakfast.  It’s the step-by-step photo sessions that take a bit longer!

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So, what’s in the bowl? 

Stir Fry in 10 [serves 1]

  • 1 serving leftover noodles, preferably thin brown rice noodles
  • organic frozen veggies
    • broccoli
    • tri colored peppers
  • 1/2 large sweet tater, cubed
  • 1T coconut aminos [or 1-2t soy sauce]
  • 1T unrefined coconut oil [or other high heat cooking oil]
  • 1-2T rice vinegar
  • 1t toasted sesame oil
  • avocado hummus or plain avocado
  • 1/4c cashews
  • black pepper
  1. Heat a medium sauté pan over medium heat with the coconut oil.
  2. When hot, throw in whatever frozen veggies you have.  *I love buying the “stir fry” bagged frozen veggies.  I didn’t have that this time, so I supplemented with broccoli + peppers.  You can also use fresh, of course.
  3. Microwave your cubed sweet tater for about 3min, until slightly tender. 
  4. Add the sweet tater cubes to the pan, rice vinegar, and coconut aminos and cover.
  5. Sauté everything until potatoes are fully tender ~3-5min, stirring about once per minute.
  6. Stir in sesame oil + noodles in the last minute.
  7. Plate and top with avocado hummus, cashews, and black pepper.

*Even if you don’t have leftover noodles, you can boil noodles in under 10min.  Or with rice noodles you can even let them sit in really hot water for about 8min until soft.

Feel free to add other things like ginger, garlic, etc.  I wanted to keep this quick and simple without sacrificing flavor.  If you don’t have toasted sesame oil, it might be a tad on the bland side.  It really adds quite a bit of flavor.  Use whatever nuts you like…toasted/salted/wasabi flavor.  They’ll all work!  You can definitely easily add tofu or tempeh to this as well.

As I said, this isn’t an earth shattering recipe, but something that is quick, delicious and extremely adaptable. 

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I really didn’t expect this to taste that great.  I thought the flavors would be bland and that the sweet potato might throw things off.  However, I was wrong.  It was the best lunch I’ve had in quite some time.  

Now I’m off to make more CRACKers.  A savory version this time!