looong satuuurdaaaay

House inspections are really long!  Even for small houses!  Ours lasted about 4.5 hours and was so nerve racking.  We were on pins + needles the entire time!

Before the inspection, I filled myself with another huge bowl of Scottish oats.

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This one was stuffed with chia seeds + blueberries and topped with pecan butter + carob coconut cream.  I am out of bananas which is a horrible thing!

coconut flour + almond milk + carob

The coconut cream idea originated from The Non-Dairy Queen.  I added carob for a delicious twist.  SO good!

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Then it was inspection time.  As of right now the house is packed full with STUFF.  It will feel so much bigger when/if it’s ours and the clutter is removed.  Yes, we have it under contract, but a few things came up in the inspection that we need to address.  Luckily, there are no structural, furnace, water heater, or roof problems.  The main problem is the windows.  They’re really old wood framed, single pane windows, with an exterior aluminum storm frame.  There are broken panes of glass, one wood window missing, windows painted shut, locks not lining up, etc.  What I learned today is that, windows are freaking expensive to replace!

I think we’re also going to ask that the basketball hoop, stays. ;)

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Our first and most important project is completely renovating the kitchen.  Why?  See below!  This means we don’t really have money to replace all 14 windows.  That’s a lot of windows in this 1020sqft house!  So, we’re deciding how to proceed from here and hoping the seller realizes no one will buy the house with the windows in that condition, at the current price.  We’re hoping once we show them the full list of what we could ask for them to repair, but only ask for the windows, they miiiight do it.

We shall see!

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Currently the w/d live in the kitchen.  Along with the kitchen reno, we need to flip the w/d directly behind where they currently are, in the 3rd bedroom closet.

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There is a really nice porch, that is currently being utilized as a closet.

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And it’s closed in with corrugated glass.  Yes, corrugated glass.  It’s hideous. :)  We have looked past all of the idiosyncrasies this house has and can see it for it’s potential and amazing + convenient location to down town.

Now the question is, will it be ours!?

If so, I think the name of my blog will have to change to: “The Edible Home Makeover With a Side of Food” Catchy, no? ;)

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Later, we met up with Peter + Michelle to grab a few drinks.  We headed to one of 14 [give or take] local breweries, Equinox.  It’s a super cute brewery, with what looked like some amazing selections.  I’m still off wheat, so no beer for me!  I haven’t had a drink in 4 weeks, and I definitely could have used one tonight!

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Tomorrow is supposed to be an awesome day in the mountains, so I guess that is where I’m headed.  I’m feeling almost all the way better, but we’ll see what I decide at my 4am wake up call.  If this house stuff goes through we might only have a few more open weekends left to get up to the mountains.  Gotta’ go make breakfast + lunch for the road!