cinnamon beets

This post is not about what you think.

I did not cook beets with cinnamon.

Beets make me gag.

This post is about toothpaste.

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Toothpaste that tastes like cinnamon beets.

Toothpaste that made me gag.

Toothpaste that made it take me 20min longer to fall asleep because I kept tasting beets on my breath.

I was too lazy to get out of bed and rinse my mouth or check the ingredient list, but in the morning I looked and no beets to be found!  However, it uses tea tree oil, which is definitely the culprit.  I always buy different natural toothpastes [SLS + flouride free] and just get whichever is on sale.

I need to stop that and just stick with what we like.

Strong + minty, with no signs of dirt, trees, or beets mixed in.

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Happy weekend!!  I’m off to cover the wood floors so we can start painting. 

Updates soon!!

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