when you paint a ceiling

This morning started off with steel cut oats.  No eggs around, so I just added 1T of ground flax meal in the last 2min of cooking.  It fluffed right up and didn’t get gummy.

Today I hid some double chocolate chip cookie dough almond butter in the bottom of my mug.  I just should have put it on top, because I was obviously just digging straight for that from the start!

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Since making the buckwheat bakes, and now switching back to oats for a few days, I’ve noticed the buckwheat bakes keep me full much longer.  The calories + fat grams are about the same for all of my breakfasts, but something about the buckwheat holds me over longer.  I was hungry about 2.5hrs after this 500+ calorie mug of oats.  The buckwheat bakes keep me full for a solid four hours!  Maybe buckwheat is slower to digest?  Who knows!

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This weekend was nonstop with house action.  I had to catch up on the computer for a few hours this morning.  My inbox was scary!  We don’t have internet hooked up at the new house yet, so whenever I’m there, I’m computer-free.  It’s nice but also puts me behind.  Although if I did have it there, I would get distracted and never finish painting. ;)

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I got the whole dining room [room with the nasty gold fan] primed with 2 coats today, except for the wall with the new + lovely opening.  We need to re-drywall it in areas, so I’m waiting to start painting that.

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I also primed the trim + ceiling in the little hallway, and the trim in the spare bedroom that is a nasty yellow. 

The ceiling is the hardest to paint!  It was KILLing my neck and shoulders!  Putting on 2 coats of primer is a bit annoying, but it will ensure the paint goes on without old color coming through.  Plus, as mentioned yesterday, it’s cheaper to put on 2 coats of primer and 1 coat of paint, than 1 coat of primer and 2 of paint.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to finish the hallway and the spare bedroom, and then start priming the 3rd bedroom that is off the kitchen.  My deadline for finishing the painting is ideally this Sunday.  Our windows should be coming next Tuesday and we’re going to have a lot of work to do with those.  We have to take out the old frames [falling apart] and build new ones into the wall, then install the windows.

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I packed my lunch to eat at the house, and part of it looked like this.  It’s easy to just go with a pb+j when you’re rushed, but this remodeling is going to stretch a few weeks.  I need to make sure I’m getting a good balance of nutrients at every meal!  I also had yogurt + an oatmeal bar.  The shriveled up dried fruit would be organic figs, that I am currently obsessed with!  I bought a huge bag at Costco. 

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If you’ve never painted a ceiling, this is what happens to your face when you do.

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How many more walls are there???

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1…2….3…4….gah, too many!

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You’re the one that got yourself into this…

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And you’ll be happy when it’s all done!

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Or scared when you never finish…

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And scared again when you go to the gym, look in the mirror, and realize you never washed your face.

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The white streak on my cheek looked like a drool mark.  So hot.

I’m getting a good arm workout with the painting, but needed to do some leg lifting.  I hit up a crazy running/elliptical cardio machine for 30min and crammed in about 6 different leg lifting exercises.  From there, I walked next door to Whole Foods for some fruit + veggie essentials, and then I went home.

Fresh veggie juice was just what I needed.

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3 carrots + 1 apple + 1 cucumber + small hunk of ginger + 1/2 lemon

Juicy deliciousness!

And now my bed is just what I need.

Gluten reintroduction update tomorrow!