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This next French Toast recipe excites me beyond belief!  I combined my love of Buckwheat bakes + French toast into one delicious meal.  I realize that oven cooked buckwheat bakes take 30min to bake.  However, they only take about 5min in prep time.  You could easily mix it up first thing when you wake up, and toss it in the oven.

You can also make a few batches during the evening, let them cool, wrap in saran and foil, then freeze or refrigerate.  Just reheat in the AM! 

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Okay, on to the bake.  Look at this amazing crusty top!  The eggs definitely made this sucker rise.

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Love the swooped left side of the bake!  Don’t you want to just pluck this right out of the screen?? 

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Typically with these bakes, I use 1 egg white or 1 flax egg.  To get this more like real deal French toast, I added two whole eggs to the mix.  It worked perfectly.  Definitely had a French toast flavor to it.  I was thinking for a leisurely weekend breakfast, you could slice this in half, stuff it with bananas + nut butter, grease it up, and put it on a panini press.  Ohmyword.

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Definitely added maple syrup to this one!  You could also make the quick frozen berry topping, like I made yesterday.  Typically, I add about 1T maple syrup to all of the buckwheat bakes, because buckwheat is very bland.  However, for this rendition, I wanted to add it on top. 

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I definitely recommend some sort of sauce or melted nut butter topping!

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The bananas and walnut put this over the top!

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French Toast Buckwheat Bake [serves 1]

  • 1/3c raw buckwheat flour [grind raw buckwheat groats in your blender to a fine powder]
  • 1T chia seeds [or sub ground flax meal]
  • 2T unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 mashed banana [~1/4-1/3c]
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1t cinnamon
  • 1.5t vanilla extract
  • 1/4t baking powder
  1. Preheat your oven to 350*
  2. Grease a 4-5” oven safe bowl, really well. [I use a small soup crock]
  3. In a bowl, mash the banana until wet.
  4. Whisk in eggs, almond milk, and vanilla.
  5. Mix in buckwheat flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and chia seeds.
  6. Pour into greased bowl and bake for 30min.  It will be cracked and brown on top.  The toothpick test method will work here.  Do not overcook!

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This was extremely filling.  I actually had a hard time finishing the last few bites, but I managed to get them down. :)  This kept me full for nearly SIX hours, which is unheard of. 

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20 grams of protein???  12 grams of fiber?  27% Iron??  YES please!!  *These stats do not include the banana/walnut/maple syrup topping!

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The texture was like a very hearty bread.  It was soft + dense + moist + lovely!   

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Still pondering what type of French Toast I’ll be making tomorrow!!!


House updates!  I haven’t taken any new photos because the walls look boring + white.  However, the ceilings are DONE being painted!!  I’ve been at the house about 5+ hours everyday this week, attacking the walls.  It’s progressing well, but had a little set back with an electrician mistake or two [or three].  So we’re a few days behind schedule, which is not uncommon.  We have no idea when the IKEA order is going to arrive, which makes things interesting.  I am now just assuming I won’t have a kitchen ready to go for at least a week after we move in.  As long as all of the construction, window installation, and painting are done when we move in, I’ll be totally fine!  Tomorrow, I’ll be painting all of the trim work.  After that, comes the mundane task of taping the ceilings + trim, so the wall painting doesn’t end up sloppy.  Ay-ya-yaiiii!

Also – I actually started packing tonight!  Woohoo!