same salad 3 ways

You already know I love salads, but lately I’ve been enjoying them even more.

  • I love piling on the toppings!

  • I love good CRUNCH!

  • It takes a really long time to eat salad, and I hate when my meal disappears quickly…like with buckwheat bakes!

  • Full of nutrients!

  • When proper protein + fats are added, they are extremely satiating.

  • EASY to make when one has no kitchen. :)

I’m about to show you a salad that I’ve made, 3 days in a row.  Each varies slightly with the cooking method.  Here we go!

We can all agree that roasting veggies, is one of the most delicious way to get in our daily dose.  Grilling veggies, might just be better.  Since I have no oven, I turned the grill on med-high [400*] and started to prep a bowl of toppings.

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  • org. chickpeas [previously cooked, frozen + thawed]

  • shrooms

  • frozen org. peppers

  • org. cherry tomatoes

  • local org. large carrot

  • 3 garlic cloves

  • generous amount of salt + peppa’

  • 1 heaping Tbl of parsley + oregano

  • 2T olive oil [or coconut oil]

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I threw these on a foil lined baking sheet and put right on the grill.  If your pan can go in the oven, it can go on the grill!  I covered it in foil so there was less mess to clean.

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While that baked/grilled away, I got busy cooking buckwheat.

  • In a TALL bowl, heat 1/3c raw buckwheat groats with 2/3c water, at 20% power for about 8-10min.  Stop and stir every 2 minutes.  If you don’t use a tall bowl, the water will boil over. Trust me! The buckwheat should cook and be left in a very chewy, crunchy state that is quite delicious!!

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After about 30min the veggies will be done on the grill.  Make sure to toss them around once or twice.  The grill-baked chickpeas were fantastic!

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Assemble the hot veggies on a bed of lettuce.

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Top with:

  • cooked buckwheat

  • balsamic vinegar

  • apple cider vinegar

  • more s+p if desired and/or nutritional yeast

  • avocado/nuts/seeds/etc would be great too!

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The 2nd way [actually my first trial] I made this salad, was by throwing all of the same veggies in a foil pack.  No baking sheet necessary!

  • Preheat your grill to med-high, 400*.  You want to double up foil and make sure it’s long enough to make a secure foil pack.  Mix the veggies, spices + oil in a bowl and then add to the foil.  Wrap tightly and throw on the grill for about 30min.  Flip over once, half-way through.

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This version, results in a more steamed veggie taste + texture.  It was also delicious, but I preferred the grill-baked method.

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I topped this salad with cooked buckwheat, feta cheese, + balsamic.

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The third, and easiest way to enjoy this salad, is RAW.

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I used the same veggies as the above salads, and kept the chickpeas cold from the fridge.  I added cucumber + sunflower seeds to this salad as well.

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As if the veggies weren’t piled high enough…

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I added more carrot, cucumber, and 1/2 of a large avocado.

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This salad bowl is HUGE.  9” wide!  It’s my favorite and just happens to be on clearance at Crate + Barrel outlet. :)

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To top this salad off, I added…

  • 1-2T nutritional yeast

  • 1T hemp oil [my FAV for salads]

  • balsamic vin [Grand Reserve 4% acidity – best everrrr]

  • apple cider vin

  • s+p

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So what was my favorite way to consume this delicious bowl?  I’m torn between option 1 + option 2.  I guess it depends on the day!  The grilled version was perfect yesterday, but the raw version was just what I was looking for today!  Which version looks most up your alley?

I’m currently spending my life savings at the laundromat.  Seriously, how do 2 people go through SO much laundry in 1.5 weeks.  The black bag is STUFFED.  I wear a lot of my clothes more than once and we use our bath towels multiple times as well.  This is insane!

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Good thing we finished building our dresser!!