hold me to it

There was progress made today, but not as much as we would have liked.  Chris was gone in the morning, running a 5k in Denver, to help raise money for a city school our friend works at.  Please explain to me how he can run a 5k without having run for over a year!?  I would have collapsed, even with all of the cycling + swimming I do.  To go out and run a 5k, after taking such a long break, just isn’t happening for me!  Boys.  Ugh!

While he was in Denver, I worked on kitchen things.  Sound familiar?  It’s getting closer + closer everyday!!

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The appliances were delivered yesterday, and today our plan was to install the dishwasher.  The actual connecting of the water line, drain hose, and electrical panel were not too bad.  Leveling it was the hardest part.  Without going into details, because I would put you to sleep, we finished successfully in 3.5hrs.  Oh, and don’t worry, the dishwasher isn’t blue.  That is just the protective plastic.

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While we worked on that, nothing else got done!

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We finished at 8pm, and there was no way I was about to start making dinner.  We headed out [by foot!] and enjoyed a relaxing end to the day.

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Tomorrow, it’s go-time.  Some of this chaos needs to be dealt with!  We are both ready to lose our mind with the mess.  So it’s your job, to check back here, at 7pm [EST] to see how much we’ve gotten done.

Hold me to it!

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When we returned home from dinner, Chris cracked a beer…

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…and I grabbed some wine.  Yes from a box.  Yes in a juice glass.  Yes we’re classy.  And yes, I swear it’s good! 

Then, we turned the dishwasher on for a test run.  We braced ourselves for an electrical short, spewing water, and anything else that could have gone wrong.  We turned it on + heard typical dishwasher noises.  Then we checked to make sure the tub was filling up with water, but found a completely dry interior.  No water!

Maybe you need to turn the water supply on first?  Yeah, that may have caused the problem.  We turned the water on, restarted the dishwasher, and could now hear the water moving through the hose.  There were no leaks, no electrical shorts, just a full functioning dishwasher!  We were more than pleased with ourselves. 

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I think we’ll stop there for the night and end on a good note.

See you tomorrow at 7!