Saturday fail, Saturday saved

Were you expecting beautiful kitchen back splash photos today?  Were you expecting to see that we at least got 1 wall tiled in the kitchen?

I was.

Here is the current state of the back splash.


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We had good intentions but it just wasn’t our day.

Home Depot = 3

Lowes = 1

Phone calls to Lowes + Home Depot + another tool store = 6

In order to cut glass tile, you need a wet saw.  We have a wet saw [thanks to the uncle] but we needed a “wet diamond blade” to cut the glass.  It seemed simple enough.  The first diamond blade was horrible.  It chipped the glass in the same way that the first blade did.  On our third trip to HD that blade was returned and I ventured to Lowes, because they said they had a DeWalt wet diamond blade that was much better quality.  $48 later, I had the DeWalt blade and was ready to go.

We needed a 7” blade to fit the wet saw, and the blade we bought said 7”.  No brainer, right?  Wrong!  The blade was actually 7 1/8” and it didn’t fit in the wet saw.  Apparently they make that wet saw so only a few brands at HD fit into it.  Clever.  Real clever. 

So now what?  Deal with the crappy blade?  Well, the crappy blade causes you to have to sand the edges of glass.  It’s not dangerous really, but it causes the edges to have a frosted look, instead of a nice, clear, polished look.  It’s doable to get the edges smooth, but this blade also rips the backing off of the tile, that holds the color.

Okay, enough with the nitty gritty.  It’s Easter, and the weekend, and you don’t need to read about wet saw blades.

I’m about to call and see how much it costs to rent a wet saw, so we can get a better blade on it to make the cuts. 

Do you think we’ll have any tiles up by tomorrow?  Your guess is as good as mine!

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So what saved Saturday?

This amazing pumpkin buckwheat bake.  The texture was like no other buckwheat bake.  It was like cake.  Thick, pumpkin cake!

Recipe soon!

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What else saved Saturday?

The Easter/Passover/House goodies from my mom + dad! 

Can you believe my dad did all the shopping?  My mom’s been a bit under the weather, so dad gave it a go this year.  I was in shock as I opened each gift.  Someone has been paying attention to the blog!! 

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Crofters jams are just about the only I buy.  Chia seeds + coconut are obvious staples in this house.  I’ve only cooked with red quinoa once, but have really wanted to start using it again.  The white is always cheaper!  I’ve never even seen amaranth flour, but am excited to test it out, along with the quinoa flour.  Also, mango butter from TJ’s!  For some odd reason, there are no TJ’s in Colorado, so this little jar will be well loved.

Ohio maple syrup!!  How did he know I was out?

Almond scented Kiss My Face soap!  If you’re never smelled almond soap, it’s amazing.  Sort of like almond extract, but not quite as potent.  One of my favorites for sure.

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Sprouted pasta, that I’ve been meaning to try, but it’s never on sale!!  A bunch of Malley’s dark chocolate, dawn dish wands [can’t find them here + it’s my favorite dish wand], a bamboo spoon [perfect for oat stirring!!], and mini egg cartons filled with gum [a childhood favorite]. 

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Holidays in our house, were always about family.  Filled with love + food + traditions.  Whether we were eating Matzah, or hunting for our Easter eggs, the love was felt, and that is what I remember most.  So whether this is Easter, Greek Easter, Passover, another holiday, or just Sunday, enjoy yourselves and dish out some LOVE!

Now if you’ll excuse me, someone is hungry…

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And that someone is me!

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