gettin’ scrappy

What a day!! So much going on over here!  The day started with a 7:15am wake up call from Comcast, telling me they were going to be here in 10min.  Lovely.  No complaining here though.  At least they came!  When that was over, breakfast was on.

Overnight oats + buckwheat.  I just love the flavor + texture of overnight oats. 

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The mix was something like this:

  • 4-5T rolled oats
  • 2T raw buckwheat groats
  • 1/2c frozen cherries
  • 2T chia seeds
  • ~1c unsweetened almond milk
  • 1t cinnamon
  • 1t vanilla
  • 1t maca powder
  1. Mixed up, covered + popped in the fridge

By morning it will turn thick + doughy + oh so delicious.  Topped with coconut + maple cinnamon almond butter.  Sadly, this bowl only held me over for about 2-3hrs.  

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Before lunch, the owners of Greyrock Concrete Design came by to template the base cabinets.  They brought a color sample, and Chris + I loved it.  You’ll have to wait to see it! 

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It was fun watching them template the kitchen and get everything figured out.

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The counters will be done in 10 days!

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Greg + Steve, master concrete designers!

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After they left, I started scrapping together lunch.

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I haven’t been to the store in over a week, so it was time to be resourceful.  I’m getting good at that!

  • mixed greens with balsamic/olive oil/apple cider vin
  • defrosted chickpeas [from my stock pile]
  • 1 Sunshine burger [best veggie burgers ever]
  • 1 small sweet tater
  • ketchup

Done in 8min + delicious.

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After lunch, I crashed.  I’m still getting over this little sick thing I have going on and was completely exhausted.  The nap was much needed!   I’m hoping to get back to the gym tomorrow.  I was keeping up with my workouts really well, until last week.  It was just too busy!  Plus, I got in some good workouts scrubbing down walls at the house. :)

My uncle came over before dinner to try and start installing the upper cabinets.  Of course this turned out to be quite the brain teaser, as my kitchen ordering skills would not receive an A+.  It is not easy planning + ordering a whole kitchen!  After a lot of thinking, “hmmm-ing”, and moving things around, we finally got it figured out. 

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Then we played “find the stud.”  My uncle had to Dexter the wall to try and find where they were.  The stud finder couldn’t locate any studs for a 24” span, which is not typical, so he went digging. 

Oh the fun of old houses.  The framing has stumped us both.  My uncle assured me he would come up with another way to attach the cabinets though, since we can’t rely on just one stud for mounting!  Never a dull moment I tell ya!

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Chris didn’t get home until 8pm and I still never got to the store.

Scrappin’ it again for dinner! 

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I made a revelation in the mock kitchen tonight.

You can put tempeh in your TOASTER!!  I was literally standing at the kitchen table, staring at the ingredients thinking:  “I cannot microwave tempeh!  But how can I heat it up?”


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It’s better cooked in a pan, but in a pinch, this totally works!

Dinner making station, with some extra light bouncing off the back wall.  No way can my light box fit on this table now!

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Chris’s dinner:

  • salad: greens, carrots, feta, English muffin w/Earth Balance
  • farro mix: thawed + heated farro [also from the stock pile] toasted tempeh, mozzarella, buffalo sauce

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He was quite impressed.  Such a good wifey.

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My dinner:

  • toasted tempeh + microwave farm fresh egg + Organic Valley mozzarella

The trick to microwaving an egg, is to cook it on low power setting.  I use 30%.  It was super fluffy and delicious.  The mix of egg, tempeh + cheese was better than expected.

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Scrappy never tasted so good!

I’m out!