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My uncle and I came up with a solution for the our mysterious missing-stud-walls and interesting IKEA mounting system.  All of IKEA’s directions are photos only.  Seriously, a few words would help!!

My uncle got the rail mounted and the upper cabinet attached pretty easily.  We had to reinforce the bottom of the cabinet as well, because of the stud issue.  He made a mock rail, with a piece of wood, and fastened it to the back-bottom of the cabinet.  Without explaining it in too much detail, all that matters is, it worked.

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This is a 36” cabinet with a 24” door and a fixed 12” door.  The black screws you now see, will be hidden by a cabinet coming in the other direction.  We created a “blind corner” cabinet, because IKEA doesn’t offer that as an option.  Basically it gives you 1’x1’ extra storage space instead of a 1’x1’ blank space.  The term blind corner, just means, you can’t open a door to get to that part of the cabinet.  Does that make sense?  It will make more sense when all of the cabinets are placed. :)

We were originally going to be placing the cabinets higher, but decided against it for a few reasons.  Looks like I have a little painting to do above the cabinet line!

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While we worked on the cabinets, the dogs paced + whined + were pretty dang annoying.

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Nothing new there.

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Hello. My name is Kenna, and I have awkwardly long legs.

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So far, today has been a much better day, as I expected. 

Just thought I would share the latest in, The Edible Perspective – Home Edition!