not as expected

Remember the other day when I had you help me pick out a comforter for the spare bedroom?  Well, as I told you, I chose option #5.  It came yesterday [not available in stores] and was not as I expected.  At all!

Well, the pattern was what I expected, but the colors were different than on the photo.  In the Target photo there is way less black on the comforter and more gray. 

See here!  Way more “yellow” and the yellow is nice and light.  Part of the comforter is folded over, but it looks like gray is peaking out of the left corner, not black.  There is only 1 black squiggle.

Product Image DwellStudio® for Target® Orbit Comforter Set

Here we have 2 HUGE black squiggles and the material is shiny.  Really shiny!  The light gray, looks silver! 

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It’s completely overpowering in this room.  The photos actually make it look better than it actually looks in person. 

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I’m definitely not digging all of the black or the shininess.  OR the fact that the yellow is mustard, not light yellow/green.  How annoying!

Oh…I almost forgot!!!

Like my stripes??? :)

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The stripes won’t be changing, so I have to find something that matches.  I’ll have a post all about the stripe painting soon!

New option #1!

It’s a quilt, not a comforter.  However, it’s very heavy and extremely soft [100% cotton]. 

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This is also part of the Dwell Studio line, but you can’t find it online at Target. 

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I’m not positive I love it with the stripes, but I think with pillows and a few things on the, it would all come together.

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Also, it cost $70, which isn’t too bad.  However, it didn’t come with shams and they are $25/piece!!  I think that is outrageous considering the whole quilt was $70.  The shams are the same pattern, and I think they would really bring it all together.  I was thinking of getting solid gray, but I’m not sure that will look right.  Maybe if they are quilted?

For this option, I’m thinking of a burnt orange/red accent color.  I just love this modern vintage look!

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Here is option #2, also from Target.  I love the colors + the simplicity.

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It looks a little better in the photos than it does in the room.  The shams are really cheap looking and just look like typical pillowcases.  The major plus of this comforter is that it only cost $30!  The shams were an extra $10/piece.  I like the design, but quality is lacking.

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The other downside of this comforter is that it’s 100% polyester, which is most likely why it’s so inexpensive.  It feels pretty soft, but in the past I’ve always bought 100% cotton comforters + sheets.  I don’t want my guests sweating!! :)

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With this set, I would stick with the bright green for the accent color and maybe a darker charcoal grey.

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If they both cost the same, I would pick option 1.  However, with the price difference, I’m still deciding.  I think they both work with the stripes, and will look much better once the bed is fully made and with a few decorative elements. 

I’ll mull it over for the next day or two…

Just wanted to share the latest with the spare bedroom progress!