birthday day

Thanks for all of the sweet comments and birthday wishes to my mom.  She read all of the comments and was so excited. :)

I didn’t do too much today, especially from being up SO late Thursday night figuring out the blog issues.  There are no boxes to unpack, walls to paint, or floors to be scrubbed here either.  It’s nice to have a little break from the house madness!

After my parents got home from work, we went to see my Grandma.  She was JUST as surprised as my mom and so excited for me to be home. 

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We chatted for awhile and then headed out to dinner.  Tomorrow night we’re going out with the whole family, but tonight it was just my mom, dad + brother.

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3 generations!!

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For dinner we headed to E. 4th Street, in downtown Cleveland.  This is such a happenin’ part of town.  I loved it!  This street is full of unique restaurants and bars.  The weather was gorgeous today, so the area was packed. 

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We headed to The Greenhouse Tavern for dinner.  The menu is eclectic to say the least!

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It was such a fun area for snapping photographs.

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There’s dad again with the camera.  I’m not sure what he plans on doing with this stellar video footage of us standing around.  Perhaps he will start a blog? 

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I just love the mission of this restaurant.  They are all about quality of the food, the environment, local sourcing, etc.  They’ve even implemented quite a few sustainable design strategies within the restaurant.  I’m all about that!

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The atmosphere inside, was unique.  The servers were casual, in company designed t-shirts.  It was a finer dinging menu, with a very relaxed, hip feel. 

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The menu took a while to digest.  There were a lot of unfamiliar foods and a few crazy meat-based dishes.  They actually had one vegetarian + gluten free dish, and it turned out to be delicious. 

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After dinner we took a few more photos, since it was still light out!

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Such a fun night with the family and so much more to come!

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Tomorrow is cake baking day!  I’m going to make my mom’s outstanding 7-up cake recipe and also try a little gluten free baking!!  We’ll see what happens. :)