as I left it

I realized I haven’t shown photos of the whole house lately, so here’s a little update!

These were taken right before leaving for the airport.  You can see my giant bag in the first photo. :)  I busted my butt before leaving, in anticipation of my mom’s visit.  We come back to Colorado on Thursday.  I’ll be sad to leave my Ohio family, but so excited to show my mom our house.

Looking from the kitchen to the dining + living room.

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Dakota followed me around while I took photos.  She hates when I get the suitcases out and clings to me even more than normal!(2 of 17)

Living room.

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Living looking to dining + kitchen.

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Standing next to the master bedroom door.

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Master bedroom – extremely BLAH right now.  Can’t wait to get the new bedding on!

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A door would be helpful too. :)

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Little hallway off the dining room, to the 2nd BR/office + bathroom.

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Desk, covered with laundry!

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Closet shelf stackers, that were put to good use!

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The kitchen!!!  We’re about 90% done in this room.  Loving it!

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I’m still so excited with how the backsplash turned out.  It already seems like so long ago, that I installed it.  Thanks again to the amazing Design For Less, for supplying me with the 3x6 glass subway tiles.  We absolutely love how it turned out and are so appreciate of their generosity!

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The spare bedroom.  Still a lot to be done in here.  I’m going to be painting the dresser, that was a Craigslist purchase last year and the nightstands that used to be in the master.

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There will definitely be closet door soon as well!  And hopefully a decision on the bed. :)

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I can’t believe how far we’ve come already!

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Back to the grind once I’m home!