just wait!

I need to get back on a regular schedule.  Pronto!

Being up for 1 night until 4:45am, really threw me off.  I got about 5hrs of sleep and somehow right now, am not tired.  Maybe it’s excitement over a new recipe that just popped out of the oven.  Or maybe it’s the excitement of holding my niece for the very first time!

Either way, I need to get in bed, soon!

But first, a teaser.

And a little about our weather, which has been INsane lately.  Raining every single day?  In the summer?  In Colorado?  And not just rain, but thunderstorms?  This is ca-razy.  The mornings start off gorgeous and by late afternoon the dark clouds start rolling in over the mountains.  It’s been doing this for a good two weeks and even pretty steadily before that.  What is UP!?

On our way to the hospital for a visit!  Crazy skies.

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Kitchen time.  I finally used my donut pan!  Why did it take me a whole week to bust this thing out??  Maybe I was scared.  Maybe I just needed a little push from Mama Pea’s donut magic.

As soon as we got home, I literally dropped my bag, turned the oven on and started baking.  I had an idea on the brain, and I couldn’t wait to test it out.

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It’s a throwback to a childhood sandwich, donut style.

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Randomly about a month ago, I threw together my first gluten free baked good recipe with oat flour + sweet rice flour + coconut flour [gooey breakfast cakes].  It seems to be a great combination, that leads to a very cake-like, moist, texture.  Gluten free success!

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This recipe is only half complete.  The toppings will be added later this morning, along with the recipe reveal. 

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Despite their being no toppings, this donut was everything I was hoping for all on it’s own.

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If you just can’t wait for the recipe, go check out Mama Pea’s S’more Donuts.  Prepare yourself to drool.

Lights out!