Red Rockin’

Could you have guessed that I love making people breakfast?

It’s true, I do.  However, it’s not often I actually get to make people breakfast.  With my parents in town, I’m more than excited to serve up whatever they want. 

As mentioned before, my mom isn’t a fan of oatmeal, at all.  She loves the quick oatmeal breakfast cookies, but today I offered something different.  My quick cornbread with butter + maple syrup.  Instead of water, I used almond milk and I also added 1/4t baking powder.  She loved it!!  On the side, the most amazing yogurt ever, Noosa – honey.  It’s made from a local dairy and it’s phenomenal.  This yogurt is like a cross between cream cheese + vanilla yogurt in taste, but it’s silky smooth + not overly thick or sweet.  Can’t get enough!

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For my dad, I made a big pot of oats to split between the two of us. 

oat bran + rolled oats + almond milk + water + banana + cinnamon

Dad was feeling adventurous today and wanted to give the nut butter topping a try.  I’m pretty sure it will become a new habit in his morning bowl! 

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I topped mine with: almond milk, cranberries, walnuts, PB, and Noosa

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With a good breakfast under our belts, we headed out for an adventure.

First to Red Rocks, which is an amazingly unique + scenic park. 

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We went on a nice little hike, enjoying the views + fresh air. :) 

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It was named Red Rocks, for pretty obvious reasons…

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Making the parents work hard on their vacation!

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I packed a nice picnic lunch that was waiting for us in a cooler.  Definitely hit the spot! 

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  • 2 turkey, cheese, lettuce tomato sandwiches
  • salad for me with sweet tater black bean burger, quinoa + more black beans
    • dressing in the Crofters jelly jar
  • Boulder chips – the best!!
  • deeelicious watermelon

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So juicy, I had to stand up to eat it!

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Oh, and the key lime pie muffin, split 3 ways for dessert.  It was the perfect 2-bite end to the meal!

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After chowing down, we drove up to the top of the park to check out the amphitheatre.  It was built in the mid 30’s and holds about 9,000 people. 

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One of the most amazing music venues I have ever seen or heard of. 

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Taking it all in.

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A big red rock.

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After Red Rocks, we headed back home.  On the way out of Denver, I had to take my dad to REI.  It’s the biggest outdoor-sports store you have ever seen.  To say they have everything, is an understatement. 

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I love having the parents around.  It’s always so much fun taking them to the places I am always talking about!

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Tomorrow I’m off the hook for breakfast.  We’re headed to Le Creperie + Bakery, in downtown Ft. Collins.  If you call a day ahead, they’ll specially make a gluten free batter.  You better believe I did that.  Can’t wait!