all thai’d up

Goooood evening!

Just popping in to share a few tidbits of food from yesterday.

Around 11am, I got a gchat message from Kelsey, saying:

Lunch – my place – 1pm

I’m so there!!

When I arrived, there was a cup of delicious miso soup waiting for me.  I’ve never made or had miso soup, but I loved it!  [Mental note – buy miso]

photo 2 (11)

Then in no time at all, I had this bowl of deliciousness sitting in front of me.  Kelsey was trying to recreate one of her favorite meals + measure everything along the way.  She isn’t a fan of that whole measuring thing, and I’m pretty sure I was talking enough to make her lose track of what she was doing.

Next time I won’t come in until you are done preparing. :)

Measurements or not, this meal was outstanding. 

carrots – cabbage – zucchini – brown rice noodles – egg – peanuts – crazy delicious gingery garlicky sauce

She even sent me home with leftovers.  Lucky me!

photo 4 (5)

The Thai flavors left me craving a little more of the same for dinner.

But what to make?  With my abundance of chickpeas, I was really in the mood for veggie burgers.

Mama Pea’s Thai Veggie Burgers have been enticing me for awhile and after hearing Jessica rave about them, I knew I had to make them soon.  Talk about an easy recipe!  Dump everything into the food processor, whirl around and cook in a pan for 5min on each side.

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And do I even need to tell you how delicious these were?  The flavors were bold, but not overwhelming at all.  I loved the hints of ginger, garlic + sesame.  The texture was anything but dry + they held together really well.

As for the topping…

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I just bought a bag of frozen pineapple and had an idea.  A quick + simple, sweet + savory pineapple topping.

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Sweet + Savory Pineapple Topping [serves 4]

  • 1.5c chopped pineapple [frozen, fresh or canned]
  • 2t Braggs [or soy sauce]
  • 1T unrefined coconut oil
  1. In a small saucepan, over medium heat, combine all ingredients.
  2. Let simmer [turning to med-low if needed] for 5-7min, stirring every minute or so, until the liquid slightly thickens.
  3. Pour over each burger.

*If using canned, drain the liquid.

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As my burger dough was chilling in the fridge, I went to read a few blogs and noticed Kath made these burgers last night as well!  Guess we’re all feelin’ the Pea Love!!

This recipe alone, is worth buying the book for!  And it’s seriously only $12.59 on amazon right now! 

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Go snatch it up, while I dig into leftovers.