Vedauwoo – Wyoming

So the adventurous weekend continued with a trip to Wyoming.  We heard Vedauwoo was a gorgeous place to check out, and being only one hour away from our house, we were definitely game.

As we got out of the car, the weather looked a bit iffy, but we took our chances.  The rock formations are like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  So many looked like they were ready to topple right over. 

Vedauwoo, is known for it’s great climbing + bouldering spots, but we were just there to hike around.

As we hiked through the woods, we could hear music playing and had no idea where it was coming from.  Soon enough we had a view to this and saw something completely amazing going on.

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Can you see it yet?

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What about now?  Those would be Vertical Dancers!  They were suspended from ropes, climbing, flipping + twirling around. 

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We kept hiking to get a closer look.

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Example of a rock/boulder, that looks like it’s going to slide right off the rock below.

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Example #2

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This looks like a jumbled mess of rock.  Like one big mound that exploded but stuck together.  Does that even make sense?  The formations were boggling my mind!

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Like I said, the weather looked iffy.

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Don’t think you would have caught me twirling around on ropes, with that looming in the distance!

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Soon enough the rain came our way.

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But not before we got a little up close view of the dancers.

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How random that we stumbled on this show, while we hiked around.

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Those rocks in the background look specifically placed.  So strange. 

I just read this about the Vedauwoo + find it extremely interesting.  [nerd]

The rock making up Vedauwoo's characteristic hoodoos and outcrops is the 1.4 billion year old Sherman Granite. These rocks represent some of the oldest rock in Wyoming (but are still more than a billion years younger than the Tetons). It is exposed at the surface around Vedauwoo due to the uplift of the Laramie Mountains that began around 70 million years ago. [source]

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So there you have a little more from our weekend adventures.

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I’m currently wondering when my brain is going to turn ON??

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It is most definitely Monday.