simple peach cherry smoothie

Sometimes when making smoothies, all that runs through my brain is, “what else can I add?” 

While I love smoothies that are dense enough to be called a “meal,” many times, a gigantic glass of blended fruit is all I really want. 

Meal-sized smoothies are all fine + dandy, but I drink them entirely too fast.  I like my meals to last as long as possible.  I love the actual process + ritual of eating.

My goal for this smoothie was to make it side-dish-sized.  Something that could be slurped as a snack, part of a meal, or even for dessert.  

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There is nothing life changing or scientific about this recipe.

But that’s okay. 

Sometimes we forget about the basics.  Simplicity.  Short ingredient lists.  Raw food.

I’m definitely guilty of this.

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So really, this recipe is just a reminder.

A reminder that simple is okay. 

In fact, simple is quite delicious.

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Peach Cherry Smoothie

  • ~1/2c almond milk
  • 1/2c frozen cherries
  • 2 medium peaches
  • handful of ice 
  1. Blend.

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2. Slurp.

3. Enjoy.

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I’ll be back later today with another simple [but not this simple] recipe.


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