chili + cornbread just got better

The whole point of making chili this week, was for the leftovers.

Leftovers that I could not stop thinking about before they even existed.

Thank you, Jessica.

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Noodles.  Cheese.  Cocoa Chili.

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And cornbread.   

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Baked until golden brown.

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And carefully carved out.

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Cornbread + noodles?  Ridiculous, when combined.  As in, ridiculously good.  

The chili had thickened up quite a bit in the refrigerator.  I think next time I would thin it out with veggie broth, as it wasn’t saucy, like Jessica’s.  I think the cornbread soaked up quite a bit of the chili liquid, because it took double the amount of time to bake!  However, it was still one of the best “leftovers reinvented” meals ever. 

Total comfort.