from kelsey + the dogs

While I’m away, the amazing, fantastic Kelsey has been helping out with our dogs.  Chris has been working super long hours and is also taking a night class this semester.  Kelsey to the rescue!!! 

Hi mom!

Would you like to tell me why there is a sign post in my yard? Ufffggghhhffff.


Look at me.

I am the most beautiful.

[she’s looking extra fuzzy in this photo and her collar creates a lions mane, which we love]


Dakota thinks she is the most beautiful.

I would bite her tail but she doesn't have one.


I tried to get my sister to pick one of these photos.

She loved them both so much that she refused.

Oh the nerve of that one!


I like this one the most, but she said her tongue is more pronounced in the first photo.


Don't mind me.

I'm just snacking on my ball.

[literally, she rips the tennis ball material off]


We didn't play too much.

Just a little.

We didn't want to hurt the yard.

[our side yard is a mess from melting snow and big dogs]


We made it back just in time to prevent a blonde haired, spandex laden burglar from swiping these!

[don’t steal my bowls, lady!]


Now we're taking naps.

We miss you.

We wwwooooovvvvveeeee you.

We send you slobber.



… The next day …

Dear Mom + Dad,

It was Kenna. I swear.