easy as pie

Recently, I heard from a reader asking for a list of my easiest recipes.  Great idea!  I’ve put together “best of” lists in the past, but never an “easiest recipe” list. 

Here goes!

Banana Cornbread Cake – Sounds like a strange combination, but trust me on this.  If you’re not a banana fan, check out the 3 ingredient corn cake instead.

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Oatterific Banana Scramble – I used to make these all of a time and really need to bring them back!  If you’re expecting a pancake, this is not your recipe.  The banana scramble, is gooey + creamy, with a little crispiness on the outside.  I used to enjoy these with jelly on a sprouted English muffin or bagel, before going GF.  Now, I would probably make 2-3 without the bread, to fill me up!

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Vanilla Bean Brown Rice – If you have plain leftover brown rice, this is super easy + a nice change of pace from oats.

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Quinoa Parfait – Always make extra quinoa.  This is why.

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Banana Cinnamon Protein Buckwheat Bake

Creamy Smoked Kale Salad – A longer ingredient list for the dressing, but no cooking involved!  I make this salad time + time again.  I encourage you do make at least a double batch of the dressing.

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Veggie Sandwich To Go

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Quinoa, Veggie, Egg Bake – An all time favorite to make with leftover quinoa.

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Lemon Garlic Green Beans [and Crockpot Red Sauce]

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Veggie Coconut Curry – My easiest curry dish to date!

Savory Oats

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Buckwheat Millet Pizza – Takes a little while to bake, but very easy to throw together and a great stand in for yeast-dough.

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Cinnamon Coconut Raisin Bread – Delicious for a PB+J!

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Grilled Hummus + Egg Sandwich – I completely forgot about this combination!

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Raw Basil Pesto 

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Recipes for Mom – Smoothies – 3 easy smoothie recipes!

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Cocoa Peanut Energy Bars – No baking involved!

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Hope to add more quick + easy recipe to the list in the coming months! 

I’m headed back to Colorado today.  It’s been an action-packed week, full of laughs, food, + 1000’s of photographs.  Time to enter into the black hole that is photo editing.