10 things powder day

1. We need new windshield wiper blades.  They decided to fail on the way to the mountains at 5:30am.  Perfect timing!

2.  Mountain mornings are some of my favorite.  I hate the waking up at 5am, but I love the mountain sunrises.  So peaceful.  Even when it’s only 4 degrees.


3.  We finally got a powder day.  Eight fresh inches of powder, which is actually not that much!  Mountain snowfall has been unusually low.

4.  Powder days make your legs burn.  I love it. 

5.  Copper Mountain is pretty fantastic.

6.  Can’t wait until the back bowls open up!

7.  After mountain coffee.  Tastes so good.


8.  I love snowboarding.

9.  I have no food to show you.

10.  Come back later today and I will have food to show you.  Most likely something with apricots.  Because apparently it’s National Apricot Day.  Now who wouldn’t want to celebrate that?