10 things Wednesday

1.  I’ve been hooked on this breakfast combo for a few days now.  Today, I actually managed to snap a photo before inhaling.

  • 1/4c oats
  • 1/4c ground brown rice
  • 1c almond milk
  • 3/4c water
  • 1T chia seeds
  • [usually whisk in 1 whole egg, but I was out today!]
  • topped with: walnuts, 1/2 banana, almond butter + a drizzle of honey

The ground brown rice is where it’s at!  So creamy and unbelievably satiating.  The combo keeps me full much longer than if I just use 1/2c of oats.

2.  The dogs say hello!

Poor thing is looking so old + gray, but she’s not even 7 yet.

I think Kenna would choose her tennis ball over a pound of cooked bacon.

3.  I pulled out my watercolor set, which has been collecting dust for 3.5yrs.  Trying to watercolor your new header is quite the time consuming project.

Here is a sneak peek at the new color scheme.  Ignore the brown splotch.  The blog will not be brown.

4.  I finally made a trip to the new Ikea, just south of Denver last week.  I am in love with their frame collection and will be back for more!  They were really affordable and had so many options!  Possibly too many.  Man am I indecisive.

So this is the start of our photo wall.  Eventually, it will be about 3 times this size and then will also be repeated [with different photos, obviously] on the other side of the window.

The 3 photos that aren’t the dogs, are photos Chris took on our honeymoon in Ireland.

5.  I also bought these shelves at Ikea [Fabian].  They cost $6.99, including the brackets!!!  It would have cost just as much to buy the wood and brackets at Home Depot.  They’re solid wood, so you can paint them any color you like or stain them.  I’ve been trying to spruce up the office a bit and create a little more storage space.  Hopefully these shelves will be full in no time.  I spend so much time in here, I want it to feel comfortable + organized.

6.  I reframed a few of the show posters we’ve picked up throughout the years.  Major facelift from their old plastic frames.

Tea Leaf Green + Old Crow Medicine Show – anyone a fan?? 

7.  After months sitting on a $15 fold up chair, and starting to feel a lot of pain in my lower back, I finally picked up this beauty.

But did I really have to show you this crappy photo of it?

Vilgot – also from Ikea – So far it’s great and my back has felt a lot of relief.

8.  Guess who I met up with at Ikea?  Katie + adorable Baby A, from Yes, I Want Cake.  She is super sweet + gorgeous, and I wanted to pinch her baby’s cheeks off!  We had so much fun!

Katie is obsessed with the peanut butter ginger candies you see below, and brought a box just for me.  Thanks Katie!!  It sounded like a strange combo at first, but totally works!  I’m officially addicted.

Expect a peanut butter ginger recipe soon!

9.  Getting mail is the best.  Especially if it’s a package.  Especially when it’s edible + 100% delicious.  Thanks so much Love Grown Foods!  The orange notebook is perfect for all my recipe scribbling.

10.  I’ve been using all stainless steel pans for the past 3.5yrs, but recently decided to purchase a non-stick pan.  I did some research on amazon and found this to be the best option.

A few features, pulled from amazon.

  • Utilizes an ultra-safe ceramic coating derived from nature which is 100% ptfe and pfoa free.
  • Delivers unprecedented non-stick performance without releasing harmful fumes or toxins at high temperatures.
  • Features a scratch-resistant 100 percent ceramic coating as found in nature (no heavy metals or chemicals) that is super easy to clean.
  • Made out of durable heavy-gauge pure aluminum with no heavy metals or harmful chemicals.
  • Boasts a comfortable heat resistant bakelight handle, and a magnetized induction stove safe base for rapid heat transfer.

With the amount of eggs I cook, even using a decent amount of oil, the stainless pans are a pain to clean.  I am absolutely loving this pan.  It’s 10 times better than any non-stick pan I’ve ever used and now I want it in every size.  The main selling point, was being free of harmful chemicals and the other points you see above.

I’m hoping to have the new site up this week!  If you are experiencing any difficulty, I apologize in advance.  It will all be sorted out soon!