knee deep

And so begins another new hobby.  I can’t stop talking about it, and I’ve only done it once.

Snowshoeing!  Where have you been my whole life?

The front range was blasted with snow on Thursday + Friday, which made Saturday perfect for a play day. 

The resorts where we ski + board at [past the front range] had no new snow at all.  Colorado weather is wacky!

We headed up to Cameron Pass with our good friends, Peter + Michelle.

Sunshine + no wind, makes for a perfect mountain day.

Sunglasses required!

Lovely Michelle.

The boys made their way up with skins attached to the bottom of their skis. 

Up + Up + Up.

We started around 10,000’ elevation and worked our way up for about 1 hour.

Breaks were definitely taken to catch my breath, chug water, and shed layers.  It’s funny how hot you can become when it’s only 25* outside. 


While it was one of the hardest climbs ever, I absolutely loved it!

Snack break at the top.

The boys packed PBRs, while I packed a PB+J.

About to make our way down the white fluff.

But not before Peter sunk 3’ in!  The worst thing is digging yourself out.  It takes SO much effort!

Michelle + I traversed around for awhile and then headed down.

I love winter.

And snow.

And Colorado.

And friends.

And snowshoeing.

More please!