Irish Soda Bread

Do you like bread?

Silly question.

I had to hide this side from the first two shots.  There was no way I could let this warm loaf of bread go untouched until after the photos were finished.



If you’ve never had Irish soda bread, this is very true to the original texture.  However, the flavor is slightly different because of the flours used.  It has a much nuttier flavor from the quinoa + millet, but not in an overpowering way.  It actually smells stronger than it tastes.

There is no hope for me with this bread sitting in my kitchen.

And it’s the perfect vessel for a slab of butter.

Thick.  Crusty.  Dense + doughy.

With a side of eggs.

Quite the nutritious lunch.  This bread is packed with fiber, protein, and iron thanks to the quinoa and millet flours.

By the time lunch was over, I had consumed 1/4 of the entire loaf.  That is no joke.

I can’t even explain how excited this simple recipe makes me.

No yeast.  No needing.  No blending.  No creaming.  Only a handful of ingredients and just minutes to mix together.

It’s Wednesday.  You need some bread.

  1. Check here for the post on this amazing GF Irish soda bread.  I searched through a few recipes but this definitely stood out as the easiest recipe and best textured looking loaf.  Plus, I had all of the ingredients.  [baking note: For some reason my loaf was really wet and I had to add about 3/4c extra flour and bake for 10min longer.  This could be due to a few things like: grinding my own flour, the size of farm fresh eggs, making my own buttermilk with 2% + lemon juice, etc.  But just a heads up if this happens to you!]

  2. If you aren’t gluten free, check this recipe for Irish Brown Bread.  It’s just as easy and just as delicious.  I made it a few years back and loved it.

  3. Besides more bread, I would LOVE one of Jessica’s Brown Butter Oatmeal Chunk Cookies.  Just take a look at them and you will see what I mean.  Someone gluten free those for me.  Please!?

  4. I need a waffle maker.  Right now.

  5. It’s in the 70’s here all this week.  This is extremely odd.  I know we haven’t seen the last of the snow!

  6. A smoothie for all of you banana haters.