And the new Edible Perspective has finally arrived!!

Thank you for your patience!

A few things I'm still working on...

  • setting up Recipage
  • re-tagging + re-categorizing old posts
  • making sure my RSS feed is working

Some new pages + updates to check out...

  • I dropped the "the" in my title
  • new header, which I watercolor painted a few weeks ago
  • about + faq page are completely new + up to date
  • my recipe page is a bit cleaner
  • some of my pages are located on the right sidebar under the "more" section - in this section you can find my posts archived by month, by tag, or by category [still adding to the tags/categories]
  • under recent, in the right side bar, you will find links to my 6 latest posts
  • I designed new "follow" buttons
  • a contact page

More updates coming soon!!  Let me know if you are having any problems seeing things on the site.  

*I was just made aware that a lot of my recipe links are linking back to my homepage.  Trying to figure out why this is happening.  Might take awhile to fix.  Thanks again for your patience.