A vegetable I’ve always overlooked.

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I’ve bought radishes twice in my life.  Today being the 2nd time.  What piqued my interest?  My brother!  While I was home, he told me a funny story about buying radishes.  While I won’t get into the story, what really made me do a double take was the fact that my brother bought radishes!


EYE don’t even buy radishes!! [“I” spelled “eye” for emphasis!]

My brother went vegetarian this past fall, which I mentioned awhile back.  He said he eats a majority of raw food because it’s quick + easy.  Again!  Say what??  He doesn’t prepare raw meals, per se, but just eats raw veggies, fruits, nuts, etc. to save time throughout the day.  He does still eat cooked foods on a daily basis but mostly for lunch.

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So I asked him how he eats radishes…

Raw with a little salt.

I guess that makes sense, as they’re most commonly seen raw on salads.

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Yes, my salad is in a casserole dish + piled high. 

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If you’re not big on raw radishes, you can always steam them.

Topped with butter, salt, + pepper, they are quite delicious. 

Steam until just tender.  The cook time will vary depending on if you steam them whole or sliced.

Either way, delicious. 

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In other vegetable news…

I finally bought seeds!!  They’re from Botanical Interests and are all non-GMO.  They sell them locally at many different places, but you can also find them online.  I was completely overwhelmed selecting my vegetables.  If 1 thing grows I will be happy! 

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Our garden bed as well as our yard are covered in weeds.  Very nasty weeds, with monster roots.

photo 4

After quite a bit of time, I got them up as best I could.  We weren't planning on putting weed barrier down, but I think we’re going to have to now.  These aren’t the weeds you can just easily pluck from the soil.  Their roots are 5-8” deep and on a mission to take over!

photo 2

Literally, all over our backyard.  So today I sprayed them for a good 20 minutes with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water.  We’ll see what happens in 24-48hrs.  I’ve seen different methods for using vinegar to kill weeds, but I’m not too hopeful these are going to budge.  All I know, is that we don’t want to use any crazy chemicals to kill them.  Luckily, we have a great garden store in town with tons of eco-friendly options and a super knowledgeable staff.  Bath Garden Center  Details on what we’re filling up our veggie box with soon!

photo 3

DIE weeds diiiie!


photo 4

Now go get some radishes!