1. Garden

No, I haven’t forgotten to update you on our garden.  I’ve just been waiting for something to happen.  And it’s happening but very slowly.  It’s okay, I have patience for vegetables.

The only thing that hasn’t popped up is romaine.

So far we have kale, sugar snap peas, spinach, chard, broccoli, and butterhead lettuce all trying to grow!  We also bought the sweet purple pepper plant below at the farmer’s market last weekend.  I plan to pick up a few tomato plants and plant a few more veggie seeds this weekend.


Baby kale is adorable.




LOVE the little red chard stems!!!  I get insanely excited about the garden.


2. Workouts

No, I haven’t forgotten to update you on this either.  I’ve just put it off for absolutely no reason.  Workouts are still happening.  I finished phase 2 of the LiveFit program and continued to lift but not as regimented.  I definitely gained muscle + tone especially in my upper body.  As the weather started to warm up [early this year!] I started to crave cycling outdoors.  I like the idea of lifting heavier in the winter with some indoor biking and dog walks and lifting lighter in the spring + summer with longer rides and dog walks.  I think it balances well and is a good fit for me.  More on this soon.  Promise.

[photo from My Home Gym post]

3.  House!

We’re getting into a pretty big house project this weekend.  My dad is even coming out to help.  Yay!  My mom is staying back to finish up a few last days at school.  She’s retiring this year.  Woohoo!!  Unfortunately, I won’t be showing much of what we’re doing since it’s on the exterior of our house.  Just imagine something going from completely hideous [embarrassingly so] to completely awesome.

Nothing like the project when we originally bought the house though!

(14 of 14)

4.  Dogs

No updates, just photos!!







5. Milkshakes.

You need to make one or three this weekend. 

Peach Blueberry?  Why not!  The peaches are leftover from last summer’s peach-freeze-athon.



6.  Gluten free

Yup, still sticking to it over here.  The symptoms I was experiencing have diminished by about 95%.  The other 5% I blame on my massive vegetable + fiber consumption.  And oddly enough, I still can drink beer with 0 side effects.  It’s most likely due to the fermentation process beer goes through.  Believe me, I pay close attention and would not continue to drink beer if it caused problems. [I have been tested negatively for Celiac.]  I’ve tried fermented sourdough bread, sprouted bread, rye, spelt flour products, etc. and experience reactions with all of them.  Feeling this good is definitely worth eating gluten free.

Or, glue free.

photo 4 (7)

7.  Glasses

I’m onto round 2 with the Warby Parker glasses trials.  The following pair will not be purchased.  For me, our friends, or Dakota.

I sent this ridiculous photo to Kelsey and then she drew balloons and sent it back.  I guess she thinks I look like a clown.  I may agree.

photo 1photo 2

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

8.  Celebrate

Do it.  Celebrate something.  Anything.  Right now.  You deserve it!

photo (17)

9. Make

Broccoli Quinoa Casserole

Strawberries n’ Cream Milkshake

The Burger

Beer Soaked Fries

Lemon Pancakes with Yogurt + Berries – Sprouted Kitchen

Brown Butter Strawberry Cake with Swiss Meringue Cream – Roost

Sweet Sesame Cookies – Choosing Raw

Riesling Strawberry Slushies – With Style & Grace

Avocado Egg Breakfast Pizza – Justina Blakeney

10. Sleep

I need more!