recipe for girls night

1. Something fun to drink.  Nothing says classy like boxed wine!  Seriously though, Bota Box has some great wines.  This Shiraz is our favorite and it’s a pretty killer deal.  1 box = 4 bottles = $18.99  Mix up your favorite cocktail, sparkling juice, wine, beer, whatever.  Some sort of drink is needed.

photo 3 (3)

2.  A fun + simple menu.  I often forget how spectacular simple meals are.  I first had planned to make a new stuffed pepper recipe but was running a little late finishing up computer work, dogs walks, shower, etc.  So to prevent stressing myself out, I scratched the first idea and made things super simple.

Possibly gross your guests out when you stand on the table to take a bird’s eye view photo.

photo 1

3.  Have at least one hearty component [to soak up the wine!]. I made 2 batches of herb quinoa oat bread.  I know it looks pretty thin but this is a filling + versatile flatbread that is a cinch to make.  I have a few other versions under “breads” on my recipe page.  You can use this as a base for pizza, making sandwiches, with eggs, or for spreading with avocado.  You can even put it in the toaster! [vegan + gf]

photo 2

4.  Healthy fats are filling + delicious.  I mashed 2 large avocados [for 3 of us] and sprinkled it with salt, pepper, and a hefty squeeze of lemon.  My plan was to make avocado open-faced sandwiches with a big green salad and a multitude of toppings.

photo 3

5.  It’s all about the toppings!  Don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring something fun from their fridge to contribute.  We had: zucchini, goat cheese, green onion, pepitas, grape tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, and homemade herb dressing.

photo 4

6. Take photos of the pretty ladies.

photo 5

photo 4 (2)

7. Chow down.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

Dakota joined us after dinner.

photo 5 (2)

8. Dessert!  This went un-photographed but was super simple.  I cut up a dark chocolate Easter bunny and served it on a cutting board.  We nibbled, sipped wine, and chatted to end the evening.

Simple, fun, and stress free!

Enjoy the weekend!