girls’ trip to pittsburgh

1] 93 degrees + sunny for an overnight girls’ trip to Pittsburgh.

2] Hotdogs + tofu-dogs from Franktuary.  Such a cute place!

3] The tofu-dog was just okay.  I got the “Athens” topping but it could have used double the amount, especially in comparison to my mom + Jenna’s toppings.  They didn’t offer gluten free buns, so I ate it on lettuce with pickles + chips on the side.

4] The other three ladies got the “Locavore” hotdog - organic, grass-fed, 100% local beef – Jenna loved the chili dog!hotdog

4] HOW is this this living facade hanging watered??

5] We made a stop in Squirrel Hill to an all gluten free bakery called, Gluuteny.  The staff was super friendly and answered all of my questions.  It was strange to be able to eat ANYTHING there.  I usually don’t get many dessert options when dining out!


6] Since I was still hungry from lunch I got an order of their breadsticks + marinara.  I liked that the bakery has more than just sweet treats.  They have pita + hummus, fresh bread, and a few other options.  The breadsticks had a good flavor but were quite dry. 

7] The chocolate chip cookies were outstanding.  All four of us thought so.  They were incredibly chewy, doughy, and thick.  We got a few to go and they were GI-gantic.

8] The store manager was so sweet and gave me a sugar cookie to try on the house.  It was delicious!

9] I also tried their white almond cupcake.  The cake was dense, but very moist + doughy.  I loved the cake part but the icing was too sweet for me, which is usually the case.

10] We also took home a HUGE brownie that was out of this world!!  Definitely no signs of being gluten free.  We also bought a few Italian wedding cookies that I loved.

If you’re in Pittsburgh, I highly recommend checking out Gluuteny if you are gluten free, vegan, or dairy free.  They also have a great variety of packaged mixes [breads, cakes, pizza, etc.] for purchase.bakery

11] Shopping time!

12] Jenna in her hot pink duds.

13] Rush hour.  Always fun when it takes 30 minutes to go 4 miles!


14] Dinner.  Double Wide Grill.  Super fun dining spot with loads of veg-friendly options.

15] Three of my favorites.


16] Jessica dined with us!  And we were twins!  curly hair + nearly the same dress + orange purse

17] Jess + I both ordered the potato tacos for dinner.  I thought I was ordering an extra side of green beans but apparently they got swapped for the rice + beans.  Major taco bummer.  Still good though!


18] I told you we were twins!  Abby joined us for dessert!

19] I love ice cream and can never decide on just one flavor.  sweet cream + almond joy


20] Dave & Andy’s hit the spot.

21] Mom!


22] Breakfast at the Red Oak Cafe.  I enjoyed a fantastic tropical smoothie, 2 slices of buttered GF bread, and 2 sunny side up eggs.

23] Jenna ordered nutella pancakes!


24] Jenners + me!

25] Mom + Aunt Sherie!


26] The Incline!

27] City view.


28] Love, love, love.

29] Ditto.fours

30] I think this would put my luggage over the 50lb limit.

31] Headed back down the Incline + back to Cleveland.


32] Arrived home 2.5 hours later + craving a boat-load of veggies.  This is my salad trough.  Filled to the brim!salad

33] Happppppy Anniversary to the husband, who will be joining me in Ohio late Thursday night for a wedding! 

FOUR years!?!?  Couldn’t be happier.

Year three.

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